Combine spirituality and sensuality in one of the coolest cloud tattoos for guys. While one side depicts a scene from the heavens, the other tells a different story. Moreover, the careful shading gives the entire creation a 3D appearance as well!


Where clouds are known for transformation – a key ingredient in success; the stars represent this success. That’s why this simple black ink tattoo depicts them both in compete harmony.


This black ink shoulder tattoo portrays the clouds, stars, and the moon together. While the clouds are in the forefront, they allow us a peek at the other two elements, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing scenario right there on your shoulder!


If you’re one for simple designs, this is probably perfect! They identical clouds vary only in color. They depict the three stages in the life of a cloud itself – thereby representing constant change.


One of the best cloud tattoos for men is probably this one. Showing the sun peaking out from behind a gray shroud, on the bottom are the words ‘After the Storm’. By inking it on to your wrist, you’re giving yourself a constant message of inspiration to get your through all the difficulties of life.


If psychedelia is more your style, then maybe this tattoo is it for you. With the cloud and the sea inked on in solid colors, it is the boat that’s merely an outline. It depicts the eternal forces of nature, as opposed to the temporary impact of man.


This simple design depicts a gray cloud only emphasized by the delicate internal design. But it’s the bright yellow thunderbolt that steals the show. Popping out against the dark gray, it represents the ferocity exemplified by every man.


If you’re on the lookout for something quirky, maybe this brings your pursuit to an end. Easily one of the best tattoo ideas for men, it depicts a squiggly cloud with a brilliantly colored rainbow. The bright green, red, yellow, and blue only accentuate the beauty of the simple design.


This intricate tattoo is ideal for all the aviation lovers out there. It depicts an incredible scene in black ink wherein the careful shading works to bring the skies and airplanes to life.


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