What a cool tattoo? It is made on the back of a man around his backbone. It forms a picture of an elephant raising its trunk up. The tattoo is so clear that even the “elephant’s tusks” are colored white and its ears clearly outlined.


What a pitiful tattoo? It is drawn on a man’s shoulder. It portrays a picture of three, three-inch nails hammered right into his shoulder. It also shows “drips of blood” from the man and the “shadows” of the “three nails” reflected on the skin.


It is drawn on the upper arm of a man. It shows a “shredded skin” that reveals another surface that bears a clearly marked global map. A compass with a metallic leaf-shaped holder and a pipe binoculars are placed on the map.


It is quite a popular tattoo made on the forearm of a man down to the wrist. The man’s real arm is improvised to become the left hand of the crucified Jesus Christ. It is “nailed” to a cross.


The tattoo features some black stripes resembling those of zebras. They are drawn on the upper arm of a man. Their beautiful pattern forms something like a handle on that part of the arm. The strips between the stripes are unpainted.


The awesome tattoo is drawn on the back of a man. All the back bears an aerial view of a city. The center image is of a suit-wearing old man who is atop a skyscraper squatting ready to jump down.


It is a collection of 3D tattoos. The biggest tattoo is drawn on the shoulder of an amputated man. The little remaining part of the hand on the shoulder is has a picture of a rare bird that closely resembles an eagle.


The cool tattoo is drawn along the forearm of a man. The arm has a “zip” that is partly crossed. The “unzipped part” reveals some weird skeleton of fingers from inside the arm. It portrays a picture of a hand that is locking something inside it.


It is a captivating tattoo drawn on the entire back of a man. It shows the “shredded skin” of the man revealing his mechanical connection around that part. It bears all sorts of joints and connections that resemble that of a robot.


The classic tattoo is drawn on the entire back of a man. It is a face of a sorrowful woman. Her eyes, nose, and mouth, are clearly outlined to form an image of a woman facing down in sorrow. The contours of the face are also superb.

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