This tattoo is one of a fishing line hook that is hooked onto someone’s skin. It detail is amazing showing a slight shadow over the area where part of the hook is above the skin and the reddening of skin where the hook has pierced into the skin.


This 3D tattoo is one of a gentleman walking down a street in the middle of the night. It’s a black and white tattoo showing different buildings on each side of the street and even a watch tower. The tattoo is complete with a moon and clouds to show the time of the day.


This is a tattoo that employs the use of various colors to give the ultimate 3d effect. It shows four talons clawing out of someone’s body. It completes its 3d look by showing deep grooves where the talons tore through the flesh and blood dripping from the talons.


This tattoo, placed on an individual’s back, gives its 3d effect by showing that part of the person’s interior part of the body can be viewed from the outside to see the backbone and part of the rib cage. It shows the backbone and ribcage as being metallic.


This tattoo is one peculiar one showing a gorilla’s face. The gorilla appears to be scowling. The tattoo’s detail is nothing short of impressive. The tattoo shows that the gorilla’s fur is a light shade of red and even depicts a slight glint in the gorilla’s eye.


This tattoo placed on a leg shows that part of the leg has been torn apart to show the interior of the leg. Instead of showing the usual flesh and bone that holds together a leg, it replaces the leg with a mechanical feature comprising of a metallic skull set atop a spring feature.


This is a good tattoo idea for men given that it would perfectly suit a guy’s arm if placed on the shoulder down the upper arm. It’s a tattoo of an African elephant in a jungle complete with its tusks and trunk.


This tattoo is one of the perfect 3D tattoo ideas for men especially if they like wild animals. It is the perfect tattoo to be placed on an arm. It’s a tattoo of a cheetah snarling complete with details showing its whiskers.


This is one the most perfect 3D tattoo for guys who want something on their chest. It depicts that the chest can be opened up in a cubical manner to show outer space, complete with several planets and stars. Different colors are employed to give it the perfect feel of outer space.


This tattoo is the perfect one to be placed on a guy’s arm. It shows that the skin has been peeled or ripped back like a piece of paper to show some Chinese writing beneath the ripped part of the skin.

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