This tattoo idea is again perfect for a guy’s arm. It shows that part of an arm has been ripped apart to show the arms interior. Instead of flesh and bone, the interior is made up of a mechanical structure of cogs, springs and bolts showing that the arm is mechanical.


This tattoo is perfect to be placed upon a man’s chest. It shows that the chest’s skin is ripped apart to show the Spiderman logo or symbol. It goes without saying that it is a tattoo suitable for a Spiderman fan.


Again, this is the perfect tattoo idea that would suit any man. The tattoo is of red and white converse shoes that are to be done on both feet. The tattoo is red and white and gives the impression that one is forever wearing shoes.


This is the perfect tattoo to be placed on a guys back. It is a tattoo showing that the skin can be zipped down just like a shirt to show flesh and the backbone with a metallic feature attached to the backbone running down the backbone.


This tattoo comprises of two black and white images. One of the images is of several geometrical structures put in place to show a cube placed within a part of the cube. The other image shows the diamond images placed overlapping each other to come up with another image altogether.


This is a 3D tattoo for men that is best placed on an arm. It shows a Disney toy story character holding out his hand so that it seems that its hand is the same as the person’s on whom the tattoo’s arm is tattooed on.


This tattoo is that of part of a piece of paper stuck onto an arm using a thumb pin. On the piece of paper are the words, “things to do” and “don’t forget”. The 3d effect is complete with the paper casting a slight shadow on the arm on which it was pinned on.


This tattoo depicts a black hand made up of picture puzzle pieces. The hand appears to be trying to peel away part of the skin which again is made up of picture puzzle pieces. The peeled away skin reveals the owners skin.


This a one the best tattoos ideas for men. It is a tattoo that is best placed on the full length of the arm and part of the chest. The tattoo depicts the interior structure of the arm and chest. Instead of the usual flesh and bone, it shows that the interior is made up of a mechanical structure in place of bones, conjoined with red wires and some flesh.


This is a 3D tattoo best suited on the back because it is very big. The tattoo is of a Viking warrior riding on a horse through a field with very high grass. The tattoo employs the use of various colors such as the grass being different shades of red and the horse being a light shade of blue.

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