What an awesome tattoo? It is a clear image of a cobra that has stitched itself in and out of the arm of a man. It enters from the forearm, resurfaces before the elbow penetrates the skin again to shows its head on the upper arm.


It is an awesome tattoo drawn on the upper arm of a man. It portrays an image of a “hole” curved gently on that part of the arm. The hole is neatly laid with black and white tiles that disappear inside it.


The amazing tattoo is drawn on a man’s leg, between the shin and the calf. It is a weird footprint made on his supposed “elastic skin”. It is as if a lion or another strange animal stepped hard on that part of the leg.


It is a fine tattoo drawn on a man’s thigh. The tattoo is a skeleton of a human head. The skeleton has white stripes that are drawn on it, from the back head to the mouth. The eye orbits and the mouth openings are horrifying.


The gorgeous tattoo is drawn along the forearm of a man. It tends to portray the hand as bearing an acoustic guitar inside it. The “shredded skin” reveals the string, frets, tuning pegs and the fret board of the hidden guitar.


This is a tattoo of a clock. It is a black colored tattoo with only different shades of black to show different color variations. The internal mechanics of the clock are shown as seated below the actual clock face that shows the time.


This is a tattoo of a black scorpion. The scorpion is all black complete with its stinger which is raised above it and arched towards its head. The tattoo also employs the use of shadows to complete the 3d effect. If the tattoo was drawn on a shoulder, it could easily give the impression that a scorpion was on the person’s shoulder.


This is a complex tattoo that encompasses several images. The most outstanding part of the tattoo however is that of a skull that still has a human eye etched in one of its sockets. There is also a girls head close to the human skull with the girl appearing to be crying.


This is a rather simple tattoo complete with the desired 3d effect to give someone the impression that they have worn a shirt. It comprises of 5 shirt buttons overlaid over button holes and one side of a shirt flap to give the impression that a shirt has been buttoned up.


This is a tattoo that shows a white snake with black irregular patches trying to crawl under someone’s skin. The snake’s head isn’t shown because it is shown that that part of the snake is already under the skin leaving out the rest of the snake’s body still outside the skin.

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