In the age of Aquarius it is not surprising to see many Aquarius tattoos for men in relation to the zodiac sign itself. In today’s world it is highly likely that you have ran into a few people with an Aquarius tattoo not just because of the fact that we are in the age of Aquarius but also because there is an unprecedented number of people in the world today who have at least one tattoo inked onto their body. On top of that you may have ran into somebody with an Aquarius tattoo & just didn’t realize it. So first to have a clear understanding of the significance of the Aquarius tattoo we need to understand the very essence of the sign itself, before we delve into the various types, styles, versions and variations of the tattoo.

The essence of the Aquarius tattoo

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Western zodiac and we come to find that this is a masculine sign. People born under this constellation are normally very socially intuitive. They have an inner drive to get along with everyone that is in their circle. They also are seen as people who are very progressive as they are here to help the world around them move forward because of their natural resonance for new ideas and thoughts that they constantly bring to the table. This is due to the sign being known as the “water bearer”. This explanation of this signs’ characteristics makes sense when you realize that water is a biological memory storage device. Aquarius are here to remind the world of what we once were or what we are capable of, thus their social skills are geared specifically for that purpose!

Motivations behind the Aquarius tattoo

Aquarius tattoos for men has been somewhat of a popular thing mainly because of the signs masculine nature. This causes men to be more resonant with its physical expression whether it’s art of the skin or art of another means. Another reason why Aquarius tattoos for men has been so popular is because of the signs natural affinity with intelligence, as this is the signs slogan put into one word. Naturally men are drawn to this in todays world as it’s the masculine that is associated more so with intelligence and logical thinking.

What are the most popular Aquarius tattoo designs available?

There are many different expressions for the Aquarius tattoo but most commonly you will find tattoos with the classic old man, long hair -long beard combination, holding a vase or bowl of water. Some tattoos don’t have an old man involved rather just a vase of water with an emphasis on the water. Other times you will find an expression of the Aquarius constellation. Mostly one will find tattoos of the most common of the Aquarius type, which are just two oceanic waves stacked upon each other. You might find other added components but these are the main aspects of the tattoos that really make it an Aquarius tattoo. Though individually all these different styles of tattoos may have differing expressions based on each persons personal truth on what being an Aquarius truly means to them, but we can see that these tattoos represent a wide range of characteristics; these include intelligence, the access & capability to spread new ideas as Aquarius is a sign of progression. They can also represent the well being of humanity.

Check out the best aquarius tattoos for men

This is a strong Aquarius tattoo that depicts the manly nature of Aquarius men. This is clearly illustrated by the image of the god. The fin, scales and water waves around the masculine god are the real images of an Aquarius.

If you are looking for a fun and secretive way to ink your Aquarius sign then this is a grand Aquarius tattoo design. The male water carrier as well as the water waves around him are drawn in black ink in a simplified way that isn’t too obvious to the naked eye.

This tattoo design is for those who want to wear their sign with pride. The fact that it is in black and white draws all the focus on the female water carrier and nothing else.

A great way to bring a twist to your Aquarius tattoo for guys is by having the true water carrier image on one side of your arm. The twist comes through with the fire skull on the inner part of the arm. Own it by including your name on it.

Wearing your sign close to your heart is brave and true. Choose to wear it with the water and pot images only. These should be colored but you can bring in a little indifference by leaving a bit of it un-shaded.

A bold way to wear your Aquarius tattoo for men is on your arm. The bold colors could be used to be used to show that you are proud of it. The water jar and waves stand out especially if you have other tattoos around it.

Adding color to your tattoo makes it realistic and clearly tells its story. In this case, all the idols are well represented with life illustrated by the healthy beautiful flowers but just like any good story, a twist to this one is clearly depicted by the black skull.

If you are looking for a simple way to wear your star sign with pride or are simply not a big fun of tattoos then you should gibe this a try. The true symbol of Aquarius is water waves and these three lines do it in a cool manner.

Wear your sign with pride over your heart in a simple yet defined style. In this tattoo, the god, the water and the jar stand out in a bold blue color. Sign it with the word ‘Aquarius’ beneath it.

Any Aquarius knows that water is life. This Aquarius tattoo idea occupies the entire sleeve with the water standing out bolder than any other feature. The cave on the inner arm only emphasizes it.

Wearing your Aquarius tattoos in an animated way is unique and simple. In this tattoo, the water is flowing out of the jar but not in an obvious way. It looks like a plant which is a pleasant twist.

Some people prefer to keep the meaning of their tattoos a mystery and this is one of the best tattoo ideas if you are one of those people. The image is of the Aquarius god in his glory and in black and white.

Two lines of water waves are a true symbol of the Aquarius sign. This tattoo allows you to wear these simple lines in a bold way on your arm. The simple black color makes these wavy lines stand out.

This is an artistic way to wear your sign. For this tattoo, the god is holding the water jar of life over his shoulder with the water flowing backwards. This image is simply outlined in black with all the features in clear detail.

While some men prefer to wear their tattoos in bold, others prefer to have them simple yet clear. For this tattoo, the two streaks of water waves are drawn in a simple way from the chest running over the shoulder.

This tattoo speaks a thousand words and they all bring the Aquarius sign all the glory that it deserves. The god, the jar and the water are all included in the image and the dark shade makes accentuates the masculinity of it.

True passion is best illustrated in its true form. For this tattoo, every single detail of the event is clearly depicted and it speaks volumes for itself. While everything is in black, the water is colored which draws attention to it all.

The female symbol of an Aquarius is beautiful and sometimes better worn without any other distraction. In this case, the female is simply pouring the water out of the jar but every beauty of it is captured.

Sometimes a water jar is enough to depict the Aquarius tattoo. If you prefer to wear yours in a simple yet conspicuous way this will do. The jar with the flowing water is darkly shaded which makes it stand out.

Just because she’s a goddess doesn’t mean a sex appeal cannot be incorporated in your tattoo. With the water jar over her shoulder, the goddess stares into the vast with all her feminine features creatively accentuated.

Normally, only water flows out of the jar in an Aquarius image. However, a creative twist has been incorporated in this tattoo. A fish is flowing out along with the water. It still stays symbolic as it signifies life nevertheless.

No one said the goddess can’t be an Asian so this tattoo embraces that twist. The red dragon lingering over her shoulder supports this theory without interfering with the meaning of the tattoo.

A bold way to wear the two streaks of waves in this tattoo ideas for men is having them bold and well defined. In this case, the waves are shaded black which well defines and draws attention to them. You can have them as bold as you wish.

If you into Aquarius tattoos ideas then this will excite you. The creative twist is that the god is pouring the water of life where he is and the black shaded area at his feet shows that it is filling up.

The pretty goddess in this tattoo appears to be in deep thought but her physical beauty isn’t affected by it. There is a splash of water off her jar which still brings out the meaning of the tattoo.

There’s a lot going on in this monochromatic design, from the eye of Horus to the lotus flower geometry to the sun and moon motifs. Aquarius tattoos for guys almost always have an interesting story behind them, so you have to wonder what’s the story with this particular arm piece.

The water bearer in Aquarius tattoos for men is Phrygian Ganymede, a divine hero in Greek mythology who was abducted by Zeus and taken to Olympus. This tattoo is interesting because it’s usually the case that Ganymede is represented as a youth.

The most striking aspect of this tattoo is the way the artist used negative space to render the falling water. This is definitely an example that you could show your tattoo artist next time you’re thinking of getting some ink done.

Maybe this tattoo hasn’t been colored yet. The redness and the raised red skin hint that this photo was taken right after the session, and maybe another session isn’t even necessary—it looks cool as it is, as a simple line drawing.

Come to think of it, it might not be Ganymede pouring the water out in every single Aquarius tattoo. It might be the river god Euphrates in some of them. In fact, it probably is if appears to be an older man-god.

There is symmetry within symmetry in this neck piece. If you look closely at each of the two angled vases which mirror each other, you’ll see that they both feature the same Rorschach-like design that is itself a mirror image. This symmetry is broken by the amorphism of the splashing water that results from the two streams intermingling.

There’s definitely a lot of mystery in this tattoo. If it weren’t for the two bands of parallel lines of negative space that zig zag through the trapezium you wouldn’t know that this was an Aquarius tattoo design, but the suggestion definitely works to tie it all together with the astronomical motif at play here.

Aqua blue and black always work well together. The way the artist has used the curvilinear forms to suggest motion here is also particularly impressive. This tattoo was most likely finished in one single sitting.

Once again we see aqua blue and black working together quite harmoniously, only whereas the previous tattoo ideas for men was a block print inspired design with solid sections of color, this piece blends together black and blue together along a gradient. Nonetheless, the artist managed to change her approach to shading for each of the three distinct elements that they all appear to be separate, even though they’re all rendered with the same colors. This is certainly not an easy thing to do, to say the least.

Water doesn’t have to necessarily look like water exactly in order to be pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t have to obey the laws of gravity either!

Zeus turned into an eagle, flew down to earth, abducted Ganymede and took him back to Olympus because he was smitten by the young lad’s physical form. What can you say? If their myths are any indication Ancient Greece was one kinky place!

Anybody who either has or has done tattoos knows that getting this smudgy, charcoal-like texture onto the skin is a lot harder than it looks. Whether or not you find this piece aesthetically pleasing, you have to give a tip of the hat to the tattooist here.

This hot little number makes great use of greyscale. The rendering of the water adds a nice touch of realism and the sultry expression in the eyes is perfectly executed.

Sometimes you’re best off keeping it simple. The combination of different fonts in this tattoos ideas is particularly effective.

Tribal tattoos will never go out of style, especially if aquarius tattoos artists continue to find interesting ways to incorporate the ancient motifs. Case in point: this Aquarius tattoo which combines ancient Greek styles with indigenous markings

This is pointillism at its very best. The way the flatness of the “water” spilling out of the vase contrasts with the texture and volume of the vase itself is especially mindblowing.

There was a time when only the criminal element had tattoos but as everyone knows this has not been the case for many years. Aquarius tattoo ideas are completely mainstream now and they have been for some time. There are still places on the body that make a tattoo taboo, and the hand is definitely one of those places.

Poseidon was one of the 12 Olympians in Greek mythology and the one most closely connected with water. Aquarius is the constellation of the water carrier.

Here’s another outline yet to be finished that looks good as it is. The falling water almost looks like tentacles at its endpoints, which is a great way of combining different maritime motifs for even more dramatic effect in the design. We wonder what color scheme the artist is going to go for in order to fill it in and finish the piece.

It’s going to be interesting to see where the artist takes the aquarius tattoos idea from here during the next sitting. Will he continue combining aqua blue with black -a combination that we have already seen works quite well with Aquarius tattoos for guys- or will other complimentary colors be worked into the mix.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for February the 14th, which explains the significance of the Roman numerals here.

The pointillism and the modern composition definitely make this piece stand out from the rest of the pack. The inclusion of the Aquarius constellation is definitely a good conversation starter. What an interesting tattoo!

The Aquarius constellation is a zo]diac constellation, meaning that the moon, the sun, and all of the planets in the solar system periodically pass through its boundaries.

Once again we see Japanese style wave motifs working in conjunction with Greek mythology for a truly cross-cultural tattoo design. Notice the armband on the figure’s right arm.

These two squiggly, parallel lines form the universally recognized symbol for Aquarius. Getting this tattoo done on the ribs right under the nipple must’ve hurt, but the intensity of the sensation is part of the appeal of getting a tattoo in the first place, isn’t it?