There is symmetry within symmetry in this neck piece. If you look closely at each of the two angled vases which mirror each other, you’ll see that they both feature the same Rorschach-like design that is itself a mirror image. This symmetry is broken by the amorphism of the splashing water that results from the two streams intermingling.

There’s definitely a lot of mystery in this tattoo. If it weren’t for the two bands of parallel lines of negative space that zig zag through the trapezium you wouldn’t know that this was an Aquarius tattoo design, but the suggestion definitely works to tie it all together with the astronomical motif at play here.

Aqua blue and black always work well together. The way the artist has used the curvilinear forms to suggest motion here is also particularly impressive. This tattoo was most likely finished in one single sitting.

Once again we see aqua blue and black working together quite harmoniously, only whereas the previous tattoo ideas for men was a block print inspired design with solid sections of color, this piece blends together black and blue together along a gradient. Nonetheless, the artist managed to change her approach to shading for each of the three distinct elements that they all appear to be separate, even though they’re all rendered with the same colors. This is certainly not an easy thing to do, to say the least.

Water doesn’t have to necessarily look like water exactly in order to be pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t have to obey the laws of gravity either!

Zeus turned into an eagle, flew down to earth, abducted Ganymede and took him back to Olympus because he was smitten by the young lad’s physical form. What can you say? If their myths are any indication Ancient Greece was one kinky place!

Anybody who either has or has done tattoos knows that getting this smudgy, charcoal-like texture onto the skin is a lot harder than it looks. Whether or not you find this piece aesthetically pleasing, you have to give a tip of the hat to the tattooist here.

This hot little number makes great use of greyscale. The rendering of the water adds a nice touch of realism and the sultry expression in the eyes is perfectly executed.

Sometimes you’re best off keeping it simple. The combination of different fonts in this tattoos ideas is particularly effective.

Tribal tattoos will never go out of style, especially if aquarius tattoos artists continue to find interesting ways to incorporate the ancient motifs. Case in point: this Aquarius tattoo which combines ancient Greek styles with indigenous markings.

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