Normally, only water flows out of the jar in an Aquarius image. However, a creative twist has been incorporated in this tattoo. A fish is flowing out along with the water. It still stays symbolic as it signifies life nevertheless.

No one said the goddess can’t be an Asian so this tattoo embraces that twist. The red dragon lingering over her shoulder supports this theory without interfering with the meaning of the tattoo.

A bold way to wear the two streaks of waves in this tattoo ideas for men is having them bold and well defined. In this case, the waves are shaded black which well defines and draws attention to them. You can have them as bold as you wish.

If you into Aquarius tattoos ideas then this will excite you. The creative twist is that the god is pouring the water of life where he is and the black shaded area at his feet shows that it is filling up.

The pretty goddess in this tattoo appears to be in deep thought but her physical beauty isn’t affected by it. There is a splash of water off her jar which still brings out the meaning of the tattoo.

There’s a lot going on in this monochromatic design, from the eye of Horus to the lotus flower geometry to the sun and moon motifs. Aquarius tattoos for guys almost always have an interesting story behind them, so you have to wonder what’s the story with this particular arm piece.

The water bearer in Aquarius tattoos for men is Phrygian Ganymede, a divine hero in Greek mythology who was abducted by Zeus and taken to Olympus. This tattoo is interesting because it’s usually the case that Ganymede is represented as a youth.

The most striking aspect of this tattoo is the way the artist used negative space to render the falling water. This is definitely an example that you could show your tattoo artist next time you’re thinking of getting some ink done.

Maybe this tattoo hasn’t been colored yet. The redness and the raised red skin hint that this photo was taken right after the session, and maybe another session isn’t even necessary—it looks cool as it is, as a simple line drawing.

Come to think of it, it might not be Ganymede pouring the water out in every single Aquarius tattoo. It might be the river god Euphrates in some of them. In fact, it probably is if appears to be an older man-god.

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