Wearing your Aquarius tattoos in an animated way is unique and simple. In this tattoo, the water is flowing out of the jar but not in an obvious way. It looks like a plant which is a pleasant twist.

Some people prefer to keep the meaning of their tattoos a mystery and this is one of the best tattoo ideas if you are one of those people. The image is of the Aquarius god in his glory and in black and white.

Two lines of water waves are a true symbol of the Aquarius sign. This tattoo allows you to wear these simple lines in a bold way on your arm. The simple black color makes these wavy lines stand out.

This is an artistic way to wear your sign. For this tattoo, the god is holding the water jar of life over his shoulder with the water flowing backwards. This image is simply outlined in black with all the features in clear detail.

While some men prefer to wear their tattoos in bold, others prefer to have them simple yet clear. For this tattoo, the two streaks of water waves are drawn in a simple way from the chest running over the shoulder.

This tattoo speaks a thousand words and they all bring the Aquarius sign all the glory that it deserves. The god, the jar and the water are all included in the image and the dark shade makes accentuates the masculinity of it.

True passion is best illustrated in its true form. For this tattoo, every single detail of the event is clearly depicted and it speaks volumes for itself. While everything is in black, the water is colored which draws attention to it all.

The female symbol of an Aquarius is beautiful and sometimes better worn without any other distraction. In this case, the female is simply pouring the water out of the jar but every beauty of it is captured.

Sometimes a water jar is enough to depict the Aquarius tattoo. If you prefer to wear yours in a simple yet conspicuous way this will do. The jar with the flowing water is darkly shaded which makes it stand out.

Just because she’s a goddess doesn’t mean a sex appeal cannot be incorporated in your tattoo. With the water jar over her shoulder, the goddess stares into the vast with all her feminine features creatively accentuated.

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