Located on the underside of the lower arm, this Virgo artwork presents something different and unique. Instead of another variation of the oft-repeated maiden signage, it features a beautiful winged lady, marked by the zodiac stars upon on her body. Sketched in monochrome, this is truly a standout artwork.

For those who want something truly dramatic, this poly-chromatic Virgo tattoo is bound to impress. The artwork features a smouldering maiden insignia with burning red flames all over it. The ashen background further adds to the dramatic appeal of this beautiful artwork.

This monochromatic tattoo stands out on account of its simplicity that not only captures the essence of all that is Virgo, but also its understated elegance. The artwork features the maiden insignia in the form of broad brushstrokes with the carefully placed dots adding a lovely touch to it.

People who like their tattoo truly rich and evocative should look no further than this genuine poly-chromatic masterpiece. The artwork features a beautiful maiden framed with a hat, emblazoned with the traditional maiden sign, at the top and a couple of lovely flowers at the bottom. Sketched at the top of the back, this tattoo is sure to bring a lot of attention.

The thing about tattoo is that even simple designs can evoke profound emotions. For those who want a Virgo themed tattoo with an understated quality, here is the answer. Featuring the zodiac star sign, this monochromatic tattoo captures the essence in its series of connected dots.

Sketched on the forearm, this poly-chromatic Virgo themed tattoo is another shining example of beautiful artwork coming in small packages. The tattoo features the elegant maiden signage with the background being a series of 5 dual toned and diagonal brush strokes.

A true masterpiece in terms of richness in detail. This poly-chromatic artwork, drawn on the calf, features an imperious looking maiden with stately wings. The dual toned halos behind her further adds to the dramatic appeal of this tattoo. The italicized maiden signage at the bottom completes the overall regal effect.

A truly unique Virgo tattoo. This beautiful artwork, sketched on the arm, features a sideways look at a lady holding flowers in her hand. The halo around her as well as the customary maiden sign at the bottom complete the overall picture, lending it an unmistakable Virgo quality.

A genuinely intricate masterpiece. A lot is going on in this rich monochrome masterpiece sketched on the upper arm. The artwork features a lady with her face masked with floral patterns, even as the word VIRGO is etched in a lovely calligraphic fashion at the top. At the bottom, the three leaves form a beautiful maiden insignia while the wheel adds a mysterious touch to the artwork.

Sketched rather unobtrusively at the ankle, this simple and elegant Virgo tattoo features the beautiful silhouette of a lady with her hair morphing into a floral pattern. The tattoo, while missing the usual maiden sign, has an unmistakable Virgo quality to it. A truly standout artwork.

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