This is yet another tattoo that features some girlish elements. It comes with a black-red theme Virgo symbol that is surrounded by colorful red and blue colors. Whether the guy has a specific meaning behind the tattoo or not, this tattoo is simply off the hook.

The guy in this tattoo has his wrist tattoo featuring the Virgo word, along with a pink flower applied beside it. It is a classy Virgo tattoos idea that is applied with simplicity but still manages to grab people’s attention.

This tattoo is one of the top Virgo design ideas since it comes with a unique and quite elegant design. The tattoo features a sunflower that has the Virgo symbol in the middle. Most probably, it has a specific meaning.

This guy has applied his tattoo with uniqueness and some touch of artistry as well. The Virgo symbol is applied, and the Virgin is facing the symbol with her hair directed towards it. There could be a certain meaning behind this tattoo.

You would confuse this tatt with the Virgin Mary, but it is the Virgo virgin. The guy has applied it with some great level of 3D effects, making it extra elegant. It doesn’t matter if the tatt is symbolic or not, it just qualifies as one of the best.

If you are not keen enough when looking at this tattoo, you might not realize if it is a Virgo design tatt or not. Its design carries some unique level or artistry, and the color theme is also recognizable. It is one of the Virgo tattoos for men that appreciate tattooing with a touch of uniqueness.

You might think that this is a collection of different tattoos applied to this guy’s forearm. Conversely, it is a Virgo design tattoo that features a set of elements that are individually symbolic. Though the tatt seems to have a hidden meaning, it has a simple design and color theme.

This tattoo looks basic, but it is quite symbolic. It features the Virgo symbol that is encircled in a customized V, which forms the Word VIRGO with an incredible calligraphy. The tattoo has some level of glossiness with 3D effects that make it an amazing idea.

This guy has applied his Virgo tattoo to his back, and it actually doesn’t look like one. At first, you would think that it is the typical Phoenix tattoo. Also, it could be a combination of the Virgo and Phoenix tattoo.

This tattoo comes with uniqueness and a special level of artistry. It features the regular Virgo symbol that is surrounded by two bird heads. The 3D effects are also recognizable, and you can’t fail to notice the glossiness of the tattoo.

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