If you want a tattoo that has an ambiguous design and meaning, this is one idea to consider. The tatt features the Virgo symbol that is applied with a Phoenix-like pattern around it. It is among the Virgo Tattoos for men with love for artistry.

You can call it what you want, but this neck tattoo is one of its kind. The guy shows off his love for the zodiac sign by applying the Virgo symbol with a decent design. Even if it doesn’t have a specific meaning, the tattoo is still amazing.

Who wouldn’t want to have a stylish tattoo design that has a specific symbolism behind it? This tattoo design is both classy and unique. The 3D effects and glossiness of the tattoo are recognizable, and they make the tattoo stand out. It is among the tattoos ideas for men that enjoy tattooing with style.

This guy has applied his tattoo on the wrist, and it surely looks elegant. The design is stunning, and you can notice the color theme, which is applied with some fading effects. It could have a meaning behind it, or the guy is just proud of his zodiac sign.

This is among the top tattoos ideas if you want a Virgo design tattoo with a light touch. It looks somewhat girlish with the stars around it, but it surely has a decent look. Regardless of the meaning, this tattoo is one of its kind.

Beautifully sketched on the upper back, this monochromatic tattoo combines elegant calligraphy with timeless imagery. The tattoo features the word Virgo atop a captivating female face, draped on either side with floral imagery. The tattoo perfectly captures the soulful Virgo spirit in a charmingly understated manner.

This poly-chromatic tattoo, sketched on the lower hand, elegantly captures the imagery of a Virgo. The tattoo incorporates a mysterious, and yet lovely, interplay of a feather and the traditional maiden sign. The feather itself appears adorned with pearls while the letters M and V and juxtaposed in a curious amalgam.

This monochromatic tattoo is certain to appeal to everyone looking for a standout Virgo themed tattoo. Elegantly sketched on the upper arm region, the tattoo instantly grabs attention on account of its symmetrical flourishes. The tattoo resembles a stately queen with a crown even as she casts a foreboding look. A true masterpiece of geometric excellence.

This magnificently sketched Virgo tattoo is sure to grab attention on account of its poly-chromatic and calligraphic excellence. Beautifully sketched on the underside of the forearm, the tattoo stands out on account of the flourish of its feather as well as the maiden sign coming together in a seamless and unobtrusive fashion.

People looking for Virgo tattoos are certainly going to appreciate this masterpiece that is small in size but rich in detail. The poly-chromatic tattoo features an elegant rose with its thorn and leaves featuring prominently. The characteristic maiden sign appears etched on top of the lovely flower, lending its distinct Virgo impression.

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