It is a one-eyed eagle with the eye at the centre of the neck peering straight from the neck and the wings extent towards the side of the neck. This tattoo depicts eagle like qualities of the person wearing it.


This tattoo brings out the odd sense of humour of the wearer. Two skeletons seem to be fighting with one pulling out the other from a slit in the throat and trying to beat the other with a broken limb.


Tribal markings from the Amazon warrior tribes. These were usually put on the face, but they can also be put on other parts of the body to signify strength and courage as well as to add beauty to the body.


This is a work of art. It looks like a dagger has been pushed in from one side of the base of the neck and it comes out the other and in the front is an open shark’s mouth with an anchor.


It is a tattoo of a weeping Christ with thorns on his head. Probably a reminder of the pain that the Christ went through on the day of his execution. It can be deeply religious.


A scroll with letters runs across the front of a flower whose petals form bands of color. On one side of the flower is an ancient flaming torch. The scroll is held up on one end by this torch.


A skull facing upwards with jaw wide open. Beside it is a large old-fashioned key. The circular bow of the key is at the point where the skull’s ear would be, the pin extends beyond the jawbone, and the bit of the key points upwards. The entire scene is surrounded in smoke.


Head of a great horned owl in oblique view from the front right. The owl’s mouth is stretched open like it is screaming. Only the right eye is visible on the neck tattoo and is of an amber-yellow color. Its feathers are mottled grey-brown. Small area of green background above.


‘Taylor’ written in fancy cursive script. From the lowest point of the loop of the ‘y’ hangs a five-link chain with a lock in the shape of a heart at its end. The locket has a keyhole.


Tall and narrow letters in fancy script at the back. The outline of a woman’s red lips as if pressed on by a kiss mid-way between shoulder and jaw. Flames emerge from below the shoulder just under the lips.

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