Music theme composition. A cassette tape with outstretched wings in the middle. Clefs at various angles in the background to indicate playing music. A winding stave on one side.


A small child as used to be drawn in ’60s children’s books with an ‘X’ for a mouth. The child is lying inside a large flower with its petals sheathing it. Above the child is an origami dog’s head weeping a line of tears.


A large outstretched wing with four layers of brownish feathers seen from below. The tips and edges of the feathers are tinged slightly blue. The word ‘Blessed’ in large, very fancy cursive script runs below the wing.


A green, decaying hand with bits of flesh missing reaches out to grasp a circular object with red, yellow and green concentric circles on its surface. Above this fly colorful and intricately-patterned butterflies of varying sizes.


A skull seen in perspective from above its front. A large, red rose, bigger than the skull rests on its crown. Two blue wings stretch from the back of the skull. The word ‘Joel’ on a scroll below. Watercolor painting effect.


A clock face, but without the hands, just the large and small lines along the circular edge to indicate the minutes. In the center of the clock face is a simple black cross. Very clean, simple design.


A large, very intricate picture of a rose with five layers of petals and four leaves immediately under its base. The rose’s stem continues downwards and has several off-shoots with leaves.


An angry cobra baring its fangs seen from the side with a grey tongue ending in a red forked tip. The eye glows red. The top of the hood is green with a pattern just behind the head and the underside is yellow. A large red apple lays on its side behind.


A blue-brown and white great horned owl seen from the front left. The owl has tilted its head to one side. Between its resting wings, it has a human skull for a body. The skull is laughing.


A rectangular robot head too wide for its trapezoidal body seen from the front. The body has the symbol of a large, levitating ruby on it. Around and behind this figure are red and black stylized flames arranged symmetrically.

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