Side view of grey-black wolf/ werewolf with its long, sharp, yellow teeth bared and its pink tongue hanging out the side. Its eyes are yellow with no pupil. A large red rose with a stem and green leaves on its neck. Red spots like blood around.


A great horned owl in side view. The large eye is yellow with a huge black pupil. The plume is of many colors, arranged in concentric circles, with each blue, red-brown, white and green-yellow merging seamlessly into the circles on either side.


The head of a snarling tiger baring its jaws, face on. The tiger’s coat is orange. The inside of the mouth is not colored. Jewish script runs across above the tiger’s head. Black tiger stripes frame the scene.

Men Neck Tattoo Designs

A large star with a thick black border. The inside of the star is light green. Above and to the right of the star is the number ’13’ in fancy digits. The digits are colored in horizontal black and red stripes.


A large eagle spreading its wings seen face on with its head turned to one side. There are three layers of plumage – a white and grey horizontal one at the top. The other two are vertically-arranged and are purplish-blue with shadows.


An hourglass with half the sand already run through. The edges of the glass are light blue. Outstretched wings behind it representing ‘time flies’. Below it, a large butterfly with 4 wings and a circular structure just behind the head.


A stylized grey skull with petal-like structures around over-sized eye sockets. The jaw is clamped shut. A scroll with ‘Vida’ above and another scroll with ‘Loca’ below. A red rose as large as the skull with green leaves lies under it.


Skeleton vulture with claws outstretched flying out at the viewer. The head is turned slightly so its over-sized left eye socket is centred. The vulture’s wings are fully feathered. A single feather is falling off under the left wing.


A simple bird sailing with outstretched wings seen from the left and above. It’s eye is simply a large swirl. A scroll with the word ‘Dad’ in fancy, narrow script runs under it. Light and shadow on its back and wings for a 3-D effect.


A series of scrawls and doodles reminiscent of a child’s attempts at art. ‘Peace’ symbol at the top with the inner lines running through the circle. Various geometric shapes in black and red.

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