It takes two to tango. That is the inner meaning of this tattoo that brings to light the theme of eternity and selfless love. Ideal for guys who want to take their relationships with their spouses a notch higher, it is a must-get to show her how unflinching your love is.


A casual glance at this tattoo tells you that music and you are inseparable. You would rather die than have music taken away from you. Ideal for that novice musician, this tattoo will be a constant reminder of that burning passion that you had when you entered the entertainment scene and therefore you should never quit despite the storms that might rock you.


Beautiful, three dimensional anchor symbol with beautiful flowers and the names of two people ‘Caleb’ and ‘Peter’, this tattoo is another deep sign that you love someone and nothing will break your relationship. Great for lovebirds, all you need to do is inscribe your name and that of your loved ones as sign that you and they are together forever.


The silhouette three birds’ tattoo shows freedom. Bird tattoos depict you as a carefree, free spirited individual who is never shy of speaking their mind no matter what. At one end of the infinity sign is the word ‘Love’. Combined with the bird images, the tattoo shows that your love relationship is guided by openness. Love, live and laugh is your motto.


An infinity symbol on your shoulder shows great strength, resilience and will power. It is not many people would stand the pain and torture of getting a tattoo on their shoulders. This infinity tattoos idea therefore underlines your eternal stoicism and long suffering attitude.


Two infinity symbols superimposed on each other show that you are the best of the best in strength. You are one of those power giants who will never give up no matter what. Powerful for shaping your brain-strength, these tattoo designs are a great reminder that you are not one to give up. Not any soon.


The infinity loop with a semicolon tattoo says that your life was almost at its end but you decided not to bring it to a stop. In writing, when an author puts a semi-colon, it means that their sentence was over but they decided not to terminate it. Your life is your story but with a semi-colon tattoo, it shows that you have decided not to bring it to a halt.


The index finger tattoo idea says that you are strong even at your weakest point. Therefore, people should not think of under-rating you in any way because you are this strong and determined individual. You are zealous about life and will give anything to achieve that which you want.


A tattoo design with the neat ‘what goes around comes around’ shows you as a vengeful person who is trying to settle old scores. It underlines the fact that whatever bad one does to you, they too will have karma perturbing them throughout their lives.


The dragon eating its own tail tattoos ideas show that you as a dangerous and strong person. You are not one whom people should fool around with. Inside the infinity loop though are beautiful shades of color showing that despite the dragon that you might be, you have beautiful inner soul. All that one needs to do to unravel your inner beauty is to come nicely and you will in turn be nice to them.

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