When it comes to tattoo ideas for men, many think that if something’s detailed then it also has to be realistic. This isn’t necessarily the case, however, and here we can see that the artist made a great effort to achieve the right texture and shading, but the way the lines formed by the ropes flowing out from the flukes of the anchor are broken in such a way that this is clearly not an attempt at realism.


Pieces meant to look as if they’re hot iron brands have become popular tattoo ideas in recent years, and here we see an infinity symbol ‘burned’ into the skin. It’s a hard effect to achieve, but when it works the result is pretty stunning.


In this infinity loop and anchor tattoo, the text turns the whole thing on its head.


The aleatory splashes of blue and red suggest chaos, while the bold and solid black infinity sign suggests a superordinate principle that orders everything. Pretty cool, don’t you think.


A Mobius strip in an infinite loop with two hearts threaded through it (and intertwined with each other). Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in this infinity tattoos idea.


With the shape of a green and red arrow, this infinity tattoo ideas speaks of your invincibility and natural power. It also shows your readiness to defend and protect others from harm. An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. This tattoo therefore inspires you to beat life challenges.


Bearing an anchor symbol and a phrase, ‘I refuse to sink’, this loopy tattoo is appropriate for that die hard guy who refuses to bow to life challenges. A constant reminder that you are a victor, the symbol shows that you ooze with courage and resilience.


The anchor shape superimposed on the infinity symbol talks deep about your strength and stability. Anchors are found in ships and when they are put down, it shows that the ship arrived safely. This tattoo for men therefore gives you hope that despite whatever challenge you might be facing, a safe harbor awaits you in the end.


This tattoo bears the image of two love birds affectionately holding the infinity symbol. Ideal when drawn on the wrists of two lovers, the tattoo shows your undying love for you partner. It also brings a sense of team work and the role that each of you play in the relationship. If one of the birds were not there, then the infinity symbol would not be properly held.


Another anchor symbol connected to a strong chain infinity symbol, this tattoo speaks volume about your strength and lack of fear. At one end of the infinity sign is a flower that speaks of love and the name ‘Thayden’. Thayden is male name for one who is jovial, talkative and carefree. It would therefore be ideal to wear this tattoo if you bear the name Thayden or have a son by that name.

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