The pizza tattoo shows that you are a foodie person. It could also be interpreted as a person who loves growth, development and progress. When you wear this design, you come out as a person who is progress-minded and look forward to grow eternally.


Yet another anchor symbol tied to a rope and on top of it is superimposed an image of a beautiful green and red flower. This infinity tattoo design is really outstanding and shows you as a strong yet loving person. With this tattoo, you cut the image of a secure person whom people can look up to and rely on.


When you see this symbol, one thing that comes to mind is two people deeply in love with each other. And yes, that is the connotation that this infinity tattoos for guys wishes to bring to light. Endless love. Inimitable companionship that cannot be expressed through a sensuous kiss and a warm embrace.


When you see this symbol, know that love is in the air. Ideal for guys who are married, you could put that special day when the two of you met in roman numbers. This tattoo is another pointer that you are passionate about the other person and not a minute goes without you thinking about them.


The mere emblem of a fish on this infinity tattoo for men brings a religious meaning. Early Christians used the ichthys symbol to communicate to their Christian friends since it was prohibited to speak about Jesus or call upon a Christian meeting. This infinity fish tattoo therefore shows a deep almost cultic following towards something. It speaks of your determined resolve and die hard attitude.


The heart symbol superimposed with the infinity sign shows that you are in a deep love relationship. Nothing and nobody can break or put you asunder. This tattoo would be awesome if you and your loved ones wear it so that it will be a constant reminder of your everlasting commitment for each other.


The three dimensioned infinity sign on your bicep shows that you are really deep into something. It shows that you are a strong and unshakeable person whom people should trust. The endless infinity loop could be drawn as a reminder of your eternal love for your spouse.


Another indicator of everlasting romance, this tattoo comes with that special date that you and your honey share. Ideal when you and your better half wear it, the tattoo shows that yours was an eternal bond made in heaven. It will not be broken soon and never will it be broken.


Eternity with spiritual beings. That is the first connotation that you get when you glance at the feather infinity tattoos. In ancient times, the feather dealt with ascension and showed that one had spiritually evolved to be with a higher being. Native Americans also wore it to show their celestial wisdom. Today, these tattoo ideas for men can be worn by men to show courage, bravery and freedom.


Another feather symbol superimposed to the infinity sign. This tattoo brings out the characters of bravery, courage and freedom. The three dimensional image is deep and raises curiosity whenever your friend has a casual look at it. Beautiful and painstakingly done, it brings out the feel of depth and strength.

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