This family tree tattoo features an old-fashioned, traditional tree with roots. Throughout the black and white design, banners with names of family members are draped over the branches, trunk, and roots of the tree. This classic tattoo idea is best for medium to large areas.


An edgy, modern take on the classic family tree, this black and white tattoo depicts a family tree that wraps around itself at the trunk. The parents names are written in cursive at the roots of the tree, and the names of the children appear on the tree branches.


Best for large areas, this black and white tattoo shows the words “Family is Forever” printed in a semicircle across the chest. Inked in heavy black cursive, the letters are highlighted by flowing, calligraphy-inspired lines at the bottom of the image.


This modern tattoo is perfect for small areas. It depicts the words “Friends Family Forever” in capital letters in a block style. It’s a great option for a first tattoo.


Ideal for medium areas like the forearm, this simple yet elegant tattoo features the word “Family” in black cursive script. The “F” is set slightly apart from the rest of the letters, and each letter is highly-detailed.


Given that the top of the hand is one of the most pain sensitive parts of the body, the significance of any tattoo that you get on this particular spot of the body is heightened. You can just tell that getting this tattoo hurt like hell, which makes the statement of dedication to family all the stronger.


For many, the concept of “family” extends far beyond immediate blood relations. This is especially true in the Latino community. The multicolored flag motifs embedded in the lettering speak to a sense of cultural identity and pride that for many is basically synonymous with family.


When it comes to family tattoo ideas the possibilities are basically endless. You can go with a more traditional family crest type of design, or you can define your own system of iconography, or you can combine both of these concepts, which appears to be the case here with this eagle, heart, and sword design.


Here we have the same family tattoo as before, only here we see it at an earlier stage before the color and the designs were added. As you can see, any time you have a tattoo that features cursive text, getting the original outline right the first time is extremely important.


Here we have an example of how a bunch of different styles of monochromatic text on the back can work together. In addition to the family tattoo in cursive, there are names (most likely the names of family members) in other cursive styles as well as Asian characters.

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