This tattoo is an example of how to use perspective -in particular the ‘vanishing point’ principle- in order to create depth. Again, this is a good example of grey wash.


A memorial piece is definitely one that you are going to want to plan carefully with the right artist. For instance, if it’s going to feature multiple portraits you need to know exactly where the placement of each particular face or bust is, and how they relate in size—you don’t want to end up with one family member’s head being way smaller than another’s, as this may have some unintended implications.


Another example of a tattoo where there are a lot of different elements and the arm needs to be mapped out carefully beforehand.


The permanence of a bond is expressed here with a person’s hand print on the ribs alongside their signature. This ink print effect should be easy to achieve for any talented tattoo artist.


“Family. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all”

A clever play on words—after all, whose family isn’t completely bonkers? Still, we love them all unconditionally. The roll of parchment is done in grey wash.


You really do get a nostalgic vibe from this tattoo thanks to the backlit figures of the father and daughter in silhouette. Notice the thin line of bluish white that’s used to delineate the solid black figures. This helps them stand out and blend in with the rest of the composition.


Here we have another example of ttwo silhouetted figures shown from the back with a white border surrounding them, only this time it’s not white ink. Instead, it’s the negative space (the bare skin) that provides the much needed “halo” border that surrounds, separates, and defines the two figures.


Tattoos are becoming almost common place these days. Face tattoos, however, are still fairly taboo in the square world. Under the ear tattoos like this one are still accepted at most workplaces and in most social settings, but this is when the limit begins to get pushed.


The way the lines of the rose pedals are refracted by the cross suggests that it is made out of crystal glass. Notice also the shadows of the leaves and stems which give the impression that the tattoo is lifting off of the chest.


When a child’s learning how to express themselves and communicate with words and/or drawing on paper, every time they produce something new it’s a momentous step forward. Of course you are going to want to hold onto these keepsakes, and what better way to do this then to have it inked on permanently!

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