One of our most colorful choices, this medium tattoo channels a true 60s vibe. It features the classic VW camper van, this time in blue, surrounded by flowers. Purple-gray flowers feature on the bottom, and the flowers on top are red and yellow hibiscus.


The VW camper van in red is featured here, surrounded by flames that are lightly inked and outlined in black. On the top, a red circle with black dots rises out from behind the van. This is a great small tattoo design.


With its black and yellow color scheme, this car tattoo features a distressed look. At the top, a yellow speed limit sign is overlapped onto the black and white camper van. At the bottom, yellow road lines link the entire image together. This is one of our best grunge-style, edgy car tattoos for guys.


A feast for the eyes, this large tattoo in full color features a highly-pigmented look and vibrant hues of red, blue, and green. In the foreground, a shiny red vintage car is displayed, parked next to a lake with green trees and a deep blue sky with clouds above. Shading is used very well in this tattoo; it really makes the car pop out of the image and look very realistic.


This black and white tattoo is perfect for smaller areas. It shows an old car at the front of the image parked under the roof of a service station with a sign. The ink is lighter black at the top and is gently smudged so that it blends seamlessly into the darker black hue of the car at the bottom of the image.


The medium size tattoo design features a black and white VW camper van parked on the ground. The ink is blended very well, morphing from lighter hues at the top to the darkest hues at the bottom. The use of a shadowing effect makes the van appear to lift off of the skin and gives a three-dimensional effect.


This tattoo idea features the outline of a vintage Bentley in light black ink. Around the car, 60s-style red hibiscus flowers and purple flowers intertwine to encircle the car. This is a perfect medium tattoo and great if you want something very highly-inked, colorful, and distinctive.


Taking a leaf out of movie history, this image depicts a classic talking car with a smiling, laughing face. A great tattoo idea for medium-sized areas, it’s highly detailed and features a dusty red hue for the car complemented by bright blue for the eyes. The cheeky smile on this image is memorable, and the ground is lightly outlined in black.


Ideal for smaller areas like the forearm, this black and white tattoo uses shading very well. With a realistic effect, it features a classic car in varying hues of black ink which is sometimes gently smudged to blend in with the background. A banner flutters both above and below the car and features cursive script. The wheels on this car are very intricately detailed.


This one’s for all you race car fans! The vintage neon blue and black car in this image is shown with a number 14 on it, and the use of strategically placed black ink above and below the car gives the design a sense of forward motion.

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