This colorful scene illustrates a race track with several vintage cars including a red #14 in the foreground with a green car in the background. A fiery crash appears behind car #14 in the background, and this is inked with vivid orange and red hues. Black ink provides contrast in the middle of the image and at the front; it depicts both smoke and the surface of the race track. This would be a great large-scale tattoo design.


This smaller tattoo depicts a vintage black car. The dark black ink of the car is countered by the vibrant red and orange hues of flames coming from the wheels of the car and blazing from the car’s windows. A flame motif is also featured on the hood of the car.


In black and white, this racing-inspired idea shows a retro racing car at the race track encircled by a speedometer. Several different shades of black are combined in this image with heavier black being used on the car itself and on the speedometer numbers on the right side. Artfully smudged black ink at the left of the tattoo serves to highlight the speedometer numbers on the left side of the image, which are featured in white.


A great choice for small to medium areas, this design depicts the front half of a vintage car. Interestingly, it also shows the engine and car parts under the hood of the car, so it’s a really distinctive choice. Smudged ink at the front and heavier ink on the wheels combine to give this tattoo a nice shadow effect and make it look very realistic. This is the perfect car tattoo for men who are true car enthusiasts!


This carefully shaded black and white design features another retro car, this time a convertible. Surrounded by a heavier black background, the car itself is inked in lighter black with the logo and headlights being gently sketched in an even lighter hue giving them a shiny effect.


This is one of those classic black-and-white car tattoos for guys who love both cars and the outdoors. It features a European car with its headlights on with trees lightly outlined in the background.


This highly-detailed, large-scale tattoo is done in black and white and features a vintage European car on a road with trees in the background. In the foreground, slightly below the car, is a stopwatch. This tattoo idea is perfect if you’re looking for something that combines European cars and racing motifs in a subdued black and white color palette.


This black-and-white design shows a retro car with a plane flying above it. It appears to be from the 1920s-1930s. Smoke rises from the car. This is a stylish choice for history buffs!


Opt for this if you love cars and the tropics! This stylish black and white image shows a retro car parked on a road with palm trees and a seascape in the background. The artful shadowing of the ink gives this a realistic effect.


Ideal for smaller areas, the most impressive and prominent feature of this design is the intricately detailed grill of this retro car! Parked at a service station, the car’s wheels are also highly-detailed, and you can clearly see the tread on the tires. Towards the bottom of the tattoo, the black ink is smudged lightly for a faded effect.

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