This Sagittarius tattoo includes the wearer’s December birthday in Roman numerals to keep in line with the ancient, almost hieroglyphic like design of the rest of the tattoo. The use of three arrows instead of one also sets the design apart from similar ideas.

It’s not easy to represent motion when it comes to tattoos but this is one of the more unique arrow and bow tattoos idea in that it shows an arrow simultaneously in the resting position and with the string drawn back and ready to launch.

The twists that adorn the bow of this tattoo add to it’s elegance and give an almost organic vine like feeling to the design. The elegance is further reinforced by the combination of shading and highlights on the grip of the bow as well as the head of the arrow.

Thanks too detailed shading the bow of this tattoo looks perfectly carved from a single piece of wood. The leaf like protrusions speak to a nobility that harkens back to a time when kings sat on thrones and the most deadly weapon was the bow and arrow.

This tattoo takes an old school concept, the Sagittarius symbol of a centaur with a bow and arrow and updates it with a sleek and modern design. The silhouette blends together with jagged shapes that are at once abstract and still identifiable as the zodiac symbol.

The leaves stemming from the bow of this tattoo evoke not only nature but wings as well, connecting the bow and arrow with the famous archer of love cupid. This effect is intensified by the fact that there’s no string, creating the effect of the arrow is floating away.

When looking for arrow and bow tattoos for guys an interesting point of reference in terms of art are old textbooks. The design of this tattoo looks straight out of a text book with a picture perfect diagram of a bow lined up next to an arrow on the wearer’s leg.

This intricate bow and arrow design would fit right in on a flag or a crest. The flowing ribbon that wraps around the arrows and weaves itself through the bow provide an ornate and the style of the arrows’ tail feathers are reminiscent of the renaissance.

The delicate lines of this tattoo are no easy feat to pull off but they’re nicely balanced by giving weight to the arrow rather than the bow, reversing the usual layout. The arrow is further complimented by the detail of an extra feather hanging from the tail.

When it comes to tattoo ideas for men the forearms and wrists are always a great location as can be seen in this wearer’s tattoo. If you’re not sure what to get you can’t go wrong with the symbol of your zodiac sign, in this case the bow and arrow of the Sagittarius.

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