One of the simplest of tattoos ideas made up only of thin lines and curves. The black ink extends from the arrow’s tip down to the shaft’s diamond accent near the fletching. A long, huge curve is etched across the middle to depict the bow.

Beauty like no other is depicted by this admirable tattoo with a bow and arrow design. The dainty contour of the bow matches the jeweled arrow heads extending in different directions, as they are all nocked in a single position on the bowstring.

Simplicity is beauty, which is explicitly show in this bow and arrow inked separately with the finest lines. A slender curve and straight string makes up the bow, while a small triangle forms the arrowhead, a thin line defines its shaft with a few delicate lines for its fletching.

The tiniest and cutest arrow and bow tattoos for guys is found right on the side of each index finger. Bold and thin black lines blend perfectly to form the bow’s strong contour, while a little heart makes up the arrowhead with striped fletchings at the end of the shaft.

Nature is infused in a bow and arrow as a thin flexible branch has formed the bow’s limbs, as well as the arrow’s shaft. Leaves grow at the tip that produce an iridescent fletching, while vines cling onto the string grooves which crawl in graceful loops throughout the thin wood.

Simple and straightforward all black bow and arrow tattoo on the inner forearm conveys the strength and power of this ancient weapon. Notice that the string of the bow is drawn as if the arrow itself is ready to shoot out any moment from the palm of the wearer.

This intricate tattoo incorporates both the weapon and the trophy of the hunt with an elegant bow and arrow mounted atop a majestic set of antlers. What really completes the piece though are the subtle initials that “RMG” that the artist has camouflaged in the scalp.

This simple arrow and bow tattoo is most likely a representation of the Sagittarius symbol of the zodiac. In the constellation itself the drawn arrow is shown in the hands of a great centaur preparing to shoot but the image has been simplified to just the weapon itself.

This tattoo gives a whole new meaning to the expression “shoot for the moon”! The moon, the bow and the arrow are all realized with great photorealism but what makes the tattoo interesting is the fact that the arrow seems to be shooting back at the wearer.

This old school bow and arrow tattoo design is a throwback to a cleaner style using simpler iconography. The design is also brings to mind the symbology of a directional compass with the bow and arrows forming the directions and the red dots the markers in between.

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