The curvy design of the bow in this tattoo is reminiscent of an ornate medieval style similar as are the plumes and head of the arrow. It’s a slender tattoo that fits easily on the wrist and the thick black lines make it easy to identify from a distance.

An arrow through through the heart is one of the oldest tattoo ideas in the book but this unique bow and arrow tattoo design puts a new spin on it by featuring the bow along with the arrow and a bright blue heart that seems to be washing away down the wearer’s arm.

This full color tattoo design brings to mind a bow and arrow straight out of the pages of a Tolkien novel with a bow that’s made of what appears to be deer antlers. Add to that the slight green glow and it seems like something an elven soldier might use in battle.

These sorts of designs make for great bow and arrow tattoos for men with biceps because the arrow naturally draws attention to your muscle. Likewise the bow itself follows the bicep’s shape and the extra feathers on the end of the arrow add a touch of whimsey.

Notice the intricate details on both the bow and the arrow of this tattoo. The additional line work allows you to see the texture of the wood and the curves of the bow as well as the extra bit of string add to the elegance of this shoulder tattoo.

The blood is still fresh in this pic of a recently tattooed bow and arrow on this guy’s rib cage and it compliments the design perfectly a the jagged lines create thorny points along the entire bow that match the sharpened tip of the arrow.

While most bow and arrow tattoo ideas feature a single arrow being drawn back in a bow this guy puts a different spin on the idea by including an entire quiver of arrows, inked in a beautiful bright red and with flowing leather straps.

This bow and arrow tattoo serves as the perfect reminder that in life, as in archery, you have to take aim for what you want and then shoot for it. The words “focus”, “aim” and “soar” drive this message home as they wrap around an arrow that’s just been fired.

Designs that venter around the crotch areas tend to be difficult tattoo ideas for men to pull off successfully this tattoo keeps it classy by centering the design down the middle of the man’s torso and by having the detailed bow element trace the natural waistline.

It can be tough to find a matching couples tattoo that is masculine and that, worse case scenario, doesn’t look too bad on it’s own. These matching single bow and single arrow tattoos are the perfect solution to let the world that you and your partner go together.

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