This is a tattoo of a bird is meant for guys and is best placed on one’s chest, spreading all the way to shoulder and down the shoulder’s arm. The tattoo is of a multi colored bird which appears to be flying.


This tattoo is a rather simple on showing the images of two bird which appear to be flying away from each other. A tattoo of a bird is placed drawn on each hand such that when both hands are placed together, the two birds will appear to be flying away from each other.


This bright green tattoo of a bird is best placed on a man’s chest running all the way down to the side of his abdomen. The tattoo is of a bright green colored bird that has very long feathers and a very long tail feather.


This tattoo idea is ideal for any man who wants something majestic on them. The tattoo is of a black bird that appears to be a raven. The bird appears to be flying in a manner that suggest that it is just about to perch on a tree.


This is a black and white tattoo that looks more like a logo than a tattoo. The tattoo shows a tree and its roots in a circular manner such that both the farthest ends of its branches and its roots touch each other to completer a circle. Birds appear to be flying away from the tree.


The colorful twin bird tattoos shows two of the aerial creatures on opposite ends of the chest. Bright shades are used make the intricate design stunning, while the composition itself represents complete freedom, whether it be mental or physical.


The artistic phoenix tattoo is done entirely in black ink to ensure that it stands out against bare skin. While easily concealable, the position is quite sensual. The design itself symbolizes new beginnings.


This incredible bird tattoo features the owl. Here you can see this wise creature in a creative form. Inked in black, the ornate details and careful shading result in a stunning design that is sure to turn heads.


This elaborate arm tattoo depicts the raven. Inked in black, the bird is intertwined with white flowers and a seemingly peaceful scene. It therefore depicts the higher attributes of the scavenger, namely, its intelligence. Ravens are curious creatures known for their wisdom and the legendary ability to foretell the future.


This gorgeous tattoo shows an intricate design upon the chest with two birds flying around it. The bold black lines ensure that the design stands out, while the flying birds represent complete freedom.

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