This tattoo is inspirational and religious prodding us to always seek divine help from God. By doing this in our daily struggles and chores on earth, the heavenly father who art in heaven will hear our prayers and bless us. By having faith and trust in God we will be in a position to overcome earthly challenges.


It is important to have a role model who will be a guide in our lives and help us to steer our lives in the right direction devoid of mishap. To some this my mean divine intervention while for others it may be expert advice.


This tribal tattoo showcases that we need to get divine protection from the god and it shows a deep rooted respect for the ancestors and the after world in order to get protection and blessings from the dark forces and the underworld.


This tattoo was used by traditional warriors so as to install fear on their opponents or enemies. They were also used on the bodies to also remember stories and the departed one from battles that they had undergone as well as tales from their culture as well as remark the rank of their warriors.


This tattoo was used to help the members of the clan to understand the importance and symbolism of the various cultural events to their lives. The tattoo was deeply embedded in the tribal culture where men got tattooed not just for the look but to remember the life legends that had important things to say to the community as a whole.


This tribal tattoo design combines the traditional images of the field and it depicts that the bearer has attained a certain social status hence its location at the hands for all and sundry to see. It is usually adored after major ritual such circumcision or other forms of a rite of passage.


The tattoo offers protection against evil forces that may be blocking the success of the man. The radiant designs show the potent power of the ancestors I offering guidance and protection to the man.


The tattoo is an expression of religious or spiritual belief where it offers protection a giant the dark forces of the earth. The sun lights up the way thus offering protection as well as the design offers camouflage against the woods thus symbolizing self-protection.


The whole idea is about love. The tattoo has a gender-based appeal as the two triangles represent both the male and his counterpart, the female. This symbol is a representation of all that is important between the two of them in their relationship as a basis of all relationships on earth.


It is used to cover the whole arm, and it has important significance and symbolism and it is used to renumbered the past cultural values and legends of the society. The ancestor and the value act as a reminder to the young men thus guiding them through life.

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