Just like most of other guys, this one has his tribal design tattoo elegantly applied on his right arm. The tattoo starts from the shoulder area and stretches halfway to the lower section of the arm. The pattern is also quite appealing.


This is one of the tribal tattoos for guys that want to keep it private. This guy has applied the tattoo on his chest area, which could have a personal meaning. Also, he could be keeping it specifically for someone special.


This tribal design tattoo comes with the shape of the moon and the sun. As basic as it might look, the tattoo carries a deep meaning. The guy has applied it on his back, but it still looks classy, even with the simple design.

=Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This tattoo comes with a common tribal design, but it still looks elegant on the arm of this guy. The network formed by the pattern makes the tattoo extra attractive, which could also have a unique meaning to the wearer.


This one stands among the unique and stylish tribal design tattoos ideas. The tattoo doesn’t have a complex pattern or design, but most likely, it has some strong symbolism. The guy has applied it on his shoulder, and it looks amazing.


These tattoos mean that when you die up, the light will shine down to where you are and illuminate the location where you are. Note the tribal tattoo appears to be a sleeping person (dead) inside a calabash where light shines into.


Tattoo idea is ‘together we are one’. The tattoo relates to the female and male sub-clan or clans coming together to form a new partnership through marriage. It also shows the kinship relationship between two clans depicting their togetherness.


This tribal tattoo design combines the traditional images of the field and it depicts that the bearer has attained a certain social status hence its location at the hands for all and sundry to see. It is usually adored after major ritual such circumcision or other forms of a rite of passage.


This tribal tattoo for men is a pious guide to a young warrior that gives him the energy to catch up the level of supernormal powers that may be around to be defeating any attackers through the ancestral guidance. The tattoo is designed in a manner that symbolizes success and profusion which are responsible for battle field success, concentration and commitment to work.


Tribal tattoos have always been the characteristics of people who are confident. The design above showcases that you are confident and you value your true ancestral and tribal cultural attributes as well as the value of your body. It also serves as a protection from charms signifying your strength and power.

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