The long tail on this bird in real life is intriguing enough, so it’s definitely adds an extra dimension to an otherwise simple design. The colours, just the right amount of variation, work really well, and the positioning on the ankle gives it an enticing private feel.


There’s something about this colourful, splattered design which screams some kind of strange blend between Disney and Salvador Dali. The sketched outlines frame the hummingbird really interestingly, and the melting effect on the colours gives it such a sense of life.


A simple, monochrome design for those looking for an understated tattoo in the semi-conspicuous location of the underside of the wrist. While there’s nothing especially flashy on display here, the charcoal-esque drawing works really nicely alongside a personal message, like these initials.


This is a hummingbird tattoo design for sketch artists. Set delicately in the middle of the upper arm, the soft shading of the bird’s body gives it a pencil/charcoal feel. Another design for those looking for something a little bit understated.


This incredibly unique design of a hummingbird flying across a spherical object (the moon? the sun? you decide) evokes an intriguing sense of complexity. The maze-like pattern on the breast is created with incredibly intricate design which is matched only by the detailed shading on the undersides of the wings.


It looks like a bit of everything has been thrown into this design. The vivid, sparkling, splashed colours filling the hummingbird are beautiful, while the abstract triangles add a strange level of diversity and intrigue. As far as unhindered designs go, this is way up there.


A simple black tattoo set on the forearm. The fading from top to bottom offers a little bit of lighting variation, but this design works primarily due to its simplicity and modesty. It’s all about people catching a glimpse rather than


A sketched tattoowhich could be for men looking for another simple and unobtrusive hummingbird design. There’s light shading to add a shallow layer of depth and movement, but this is more about keeping things on a single level.


This design offers something of a tropical setting. A blue hummingbird fades into various bright colours along the wing edges as it suckles on a flower set in the foreground of a scene bursting with the life of other birds.


A tattoo idea for the army man, perhaps? The painstaking shading and layers of dark, woodland colours give this hummingbird design a very realistic, corporeal feel. There’s no story here, it’s more of a snapshot of the real creature as it looks when nobody is around.

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