This gorgeous black ink tattoo is perfect for those looking to represent their wilder side. However, the carefully crafted design also sports a sense of spirituality and symmetry, depicting the total harmony present within nature itself.


This is a great tattoo idea to remind you to live each day to the fullest. With an hourglass in the center, the clock represents the ever moving passage of time. The shaded background gives it a ‘flow’, while the bright red flowers ensure that the design stands out beautifully.


There is something about a detailed city scene which leaves people entranced. This black and white tattoo seems to give us a glimpse into a story as the Big Ben stands tall in front of the full moon. Despite remaining unaware of what happened before, or what is to come, the solitary figure of the man seems to promise a good story – if only you knew.


One of the best tattoo ideas for men is undoubtedly that of the superhero. After all, who doesn’t want to be one of them? However, since genetic mutation remains out of question as of now, a tattoo becomes the next best thing. So here we have the amazing Captain America in full gear ready to take on the bad guys!


With red flowers floating about, this predominantly black tattoo is a reminder of the passage of time. The hourglass and clock symbolize that the ever-flowing entity stops for no one. So it’s important to live each day to the fullest before your time on Earth runs out.


This tribal tattoo looks gorgeous on any shoulder. With the black forming a sharp contrast against the skin, it is inspired from various everyday things. One such elements is the rope. Here, the designs combine to create an image of harmony within chaos, representing the duality of life itself.


This is one of the few tattoo ideas that accurately depicts modern life. Done in black ink, it sports time, money, gambling, women, and more. All these are linked together with music, the only source of solace in a life filled with chaos.


This incredible tattoo depicts the beauty of nature. With wonderful red flowers encircled by blue, ferocious waves, it clearly symbolizes the power of nature above all. To top it off, the subtle black background ensures that the design looks majestic.


In this wicked design, you can see the regal nature of the phoenix brought to life. With a splash of blue, green, red, and yellow throughout the predominantly black design, the bird itself is eye-catching. Moreover, the intricacy within only enhances the gorgeous design.


No tattoo designs better emphasize the manly curves of your upper arm like the tribal ones. Their seeming harmony and balance only further exemplifies each muscle, adding to your rugged charm. The strong black designs are striking against the bare skin tone, ensuring that those worked out muscles never go unnoticed!

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