This is another variation of the popular skull tattoo design. It shows a side facing skull with a lotus in its ears. The skull tattoo symbolises various symbolic purposes. It can represent the darker side of life and also the better side depending on personal preference.


This design is a very detailed portrayal of the classic dragon. It has no background and uses the skin tone as one. Inspired by Chinese and Japanese culture, the dragon is a heavenly being which is believed to be the highest form of life.


A bright and detailed design which creatively combines various elements to form a beautiful design. It has four elements namely the happy/sad mask, two dies, a bird and a skull. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways but most important is the range of human emotions which the mask signify.


An abstract leaf design which borrows inspiration from fine art. This painting style design has many leaves of various colours covering the entire shoulder and sleeves to form an attractive half sleeve tattoo. The leaves are mainly known as a symbol of happiness.


This beautiful black and white tattoo shows a women dressed elegantly in traditional clothing. Her facial expression is calm and serene and portrays a sense of contentment. The tattoo is very detailed and is gaining popularity as a great half sleeve tattoos idea.


Done in black ink, this intricate tattoo is as mesmerizing as it is elaborate. It depicts a magnificent Koi Fish, symbolizing good fortune and the eternal quest for self-improvement. Intertwined with the beautiful swirls of water, it is sure to make all heads turn!


For all those men who don’t go by the rules, this adorable half sleeve tattoo is just perfect. Filled with striking colors and beautiful designs, the doodle represents all things that are just innately you!


Black can create an entrancing contrast against the bare skin, and this tattoo shows you just how. It is a melange of wonderful designs, all coming together to form an incredible pattern.


Sporting the word ‘Believe’, the ‘lie’ is inked in red, emphasizing the deceptive nature of the world. The tattoo, done primarily in black, depicts a crestfallen angel. It represents the struggles of life, where even angels don’t have it easy.


There is something stunning about half sleeve tattoos such as this one. The intricate design using bold black shapes ensures that it becomes the center of attention. But if the occasion demands it, covering it up isn’t a problem either!

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