When it comes to elegance, this tattoo has it all. Even though it has a basic design, the color effect is incredible. It has a light blue color along the body. The color looks to be a glow-in-the-dark type, which is the special thing about this tattoo.


This is a dragonfly tattoo design that has a rich taste of art. The artistry of this tattoo is one of a kind. It looks to be applied with splash paints, and there are also drops of ink around the dragonfly.


The wearer of this tattoo loves the entire art of tattooing. This dragonfly is applied on the arm, and it also features an orange flower with other colorful elements. The combination of all the elements in this tattoo could carry a special meaning.


This is a wrist tattoo that features a basic dragonfly. The design is simple enough and doesn’t involve a lot of colors. The attention is not so much on the design and the color blend. Therefore, the tattoo could have a special meaning.


This is one of the dragonfly tattoo ideas that come with a rich sense of art, and possibly has a hidden meaning. It entails various colors that give it a dark theme. The tattoo is applied to the back of the guy and looks amazing.


Though the design of this tattoo looks somewhat childish, it might have a strong meaning. The body of the dragonfly looks to have a twisted effect, with wings that have some colorful elements. Regardless of the meaning, this is one of the unique tattoos.


This is one of the dragonfly tattoos for guys, which has a basic design. It could be used to symbolize strength, good luck, or peace. It is applied to the top arm of the guy and has a single color.


The sense of the art of this tattoo is incredible. It looks like the dragonfly is on a reed, as the sun sets in the background. The color blend is deep and quite charming. Also, it could also have a special meaning.


This is one of the tattoo ideas for men that want a unique design with a deep meaning. The dragonfly in the tattoo is applied with a classy tribal effect. It also appears to have horns on it, so the meaning might be strange too.


Here, the guy shows his appreciation for art. The dragonfly is applied with a colorful setting. There are flowers that are applied, and they appear to form a spiral track. Most probably, the guy could have applied it to symbolize prosperity.

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