The association between white tattoos and birds is interesting to say the least, and this one is nice because of how solid the drawing is. Because of that, the usually embossed white ink seems a little flatter and blends really well.


Proving the point that birds and feathers are almost inseparable from white tattoos, here is another well done feather, plus an actual feather for size reference. The curve of this one is appealing to the eyes, and the flair of the lines looks good.


This is possibly another favorite. While hard to see in this picture, the amount of detail within the trunk of the tree is absolutely beautiful. The entire tattoo is nothing less than art, and whoever did this must have been very skilled.


Another bird tattoo, this one is a bit more cartoonish and possibly Latin American inspired. The curved lines on this tattoo are a little refreshing, compared to so many birds that have straight angular lines. The hollow feel is also interesting.


Tattoos like this are very interesting – because when the tattoo covers so much, it becomes almost deceptive as to what part is ink and what is skin. This tattoo is beautiful though, and the leaves are a nice touch that helps tie it together.


This one really embodies what I mean when I say white ink tattoos look embossed. It looks like it is raised out of the skin, and is something very interesting about white tattoos. The layers of leaves and petals are also done well.


This one is really nice; rather than being overly intricate and crowded, a few spaced out line make this tattoo very appealing, and also more artistic while less personal. The way that the lines all lead into each other is also unique.


While it’s not necessarily original or personal to write single words like this in cursive on your skin, it’s hard to dispute that it looks nice. Besides, what harm can a subtly placed positive message do anyway? Everyone needs a little hope after all.


Contrary to what might be assumed, it actually seems a somewhat rare to have a single letter tattoo. This letter H must mean something personal to him, and the cursive makes it seem that way for sure. It’s also refreshing to see a tattoo a little further down from the wrist than what’s common.


One of my definite favorites, this compass rose looks absolutely wonderful in white ink. It’s placed in a very nice spot to be seen by both the owner and other people, and it is a nice size. The shading is also a nice touch.


Possibly one of the most intricate white ink tattoos I’ve seen, this looks very similar to the other full sleeve white tattoo we saw; perhaps they’re the same. Regardless, the attention to detail and intricacy is almost unparalleled and absolutely amazing. The leaves are so well layered and flow together well, and the larger shapes resemble seashells, with some other seashell shaped buried inside. Whatever artist did this tattoo had both time and skill, not to mention originality.

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