Lightly shaded in grey, Japanese flower tattoo sleeves like this one include the usual elements of traditional Japanese art such as waves, nature and small areas of blank space. It also runs from shoulder to wrist and wraps around the entire arm.


Many tattoos have significant meaning and half sleeve tattoo designs like this one invoke the spirit of Spartans. On top of a red background, a Spartan at war is shown wearing full body armor and looking fearless, with impressive upper body and arm muscle size.


This realistic tattoo makes it look like a layer of skin in the shape of a star has been removed from the shoulder revealing a list of powerful, thought provoking terms to promote positive social relationships. It even has cracks around where the skin was removed.


According to Chinese traditions, where there is a yin, there is a yang. And when there is a dragon, there is a phoenix. This tattoo shows the phoenix rising above the dragon with eerie cloud effects dividing the creatures and shown throughout.


A variety of shapes and symbols can come together at various times to complete a sleeve. This one boasts an 8-ball in the center of the shoulder and a spider’s web around the elbow joint. Other shapes include a diamond, a crown, and lightning bolts.


A stunning over the shoulder half sleeve featuring an eagle winged skull with floral and foliage designs, featuring large roses on the bicep of the arm extending to the back, above the elbow. There is a skull extending from the last section of the bicep to the top of the shoulder. This is a black ink piece and no color was used.


Featuring here is a full sleeve design, giving the impression of a bionic being, having normal human features everywhere except for an area extending from the shoulder to the edge of the forearm showing metal and the inner workings of the being. This a piece featuring great display of color.


Featuring here is a full sleeve design incorporating a half chest piece. The design is a tribal design of Mayan descent. This piece extends from the neck to the front of the forearm, becoming a larger piece with the joining of another Mayan style design on the left chest. This piece is a black ink design.


The design features a full sleeve design, displaying a wizard with a crystal ball on the front of the bicep and a knight on the side and back of the bicep, from the top to the center of the arm and somewhat around the arm there is a very prominent picture of a Morningstar. The forearm features a castle and a broken sword. This is a medieval style design, this piece is done in black ink.


Featuring here is a half sleeve tattoo, this tattoo stretches from the top of the shoulder to the beginning of the elbow. The design starts with a repeat pattern of tree silhouettes on the shoulder flowing into a flight of two large crows at the top of the arm directly underneath these crows there is an angel holding a sword up to the elbow. This design is a black ink piece.

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