Immortalized by legends like Hendrix, Gilmoure, and Clapton, a Fender Stratocaster is blazed by candor and sealed with a good-bye kiss in this emotional drawing. The message reads: “Sing it sweet in Heaven”, a tribute to anyone who lived their lives by music.


In a beautiful tattoo design that reminds us of a flaming motorcycle banner, we have a pentagram along with a G-clef, some sharps, and a few musical notes that are undoubtedly sending us a musical message through our hearts and souls.


For all metal fans out there, here we see this bad-ass skeleton impaling his own skull with a guitar. You can also see the whammy and the demon head-stock on the neck. But he’s not done, now he’s gonna play it.


Popularized by The Killers, this ink displays the title for arguably they greatest hit song ever: “When You Were Young”. This work is also ornamented by a pentagram, along with a G-clef, sharps, musical notes and some initials over a cool shady background.


No music tattoo list would ever be complete without a reference to Brazil. Quoting Tupamaru’s classic, Dead Fish, it reads: “Se não dançam todos, não dança ninguém” or “Unless you all dance, then nobody dances”. This work is decorated with a double bass resting on a cloud and flowers.


With the leafy flowers in the background encircling the scroll upon which a musical piece is inscribed, this tattoo appeals to more romantic souls. Done entirely on the back, it blends the nature with music, radiating the true love of both.


The intricate depiction of many music symbols are given in the bold, tribal lines. The treble clef in the middle, holding the entire edifice together, invites you into the game of discerning all the symbols involved. The music will help you play the game.


This tattoo sets out to portray one of the most transcending acts of all, that of singing. The woman’s lovely lips, the only thing done in color, breathe out a song, giving it a life to freely bend and wind about the shoulder.


Spanning across more than an entire upper arm, the tattoo utterly transforms it. From the roses on top to the piano keys down at the bottom, there is a world of music in between that make this one of the best tattoo ideas for men.


There is much more going on in this tattoo than a first glance may suggest. The electric guitar, instead of playing, seems to rather embody the curling background music. Ornaments of notes and colored stars are not random, they indeed have their master – it’s the treble and the two bass clefs forming a heart shape.

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