Tattoos are excellent pieces of art. Since the 19th century, they have slowly picked up the pace and become more popular across all genders unlike those earlier times. Initially, tattoos were popular only among the men in the navy, where they signified important information like the position or rank the person served.

With time, tattoos have become adopted beyond such naval lines, and men and women alike share in the art of engraving their bodies with them. More often than not, tattoos have become something of a cultural significance as well as having a personal identification with every person who has them.

However, men have completely varied reasons why they go through all the fuss of getting tattoos as compared to women.


Why Small Tattoos for Men are Getting Popular

Let’s say that putting on a tattoo nowadays has become complex, and the reason easily transcends that of just it being a symbol of beauty on the body. Men are deemed as logical beings and seek to live a life of meaning. Their actions are careful, logical and go out of their way to plan things accordingly ahead of time, rather than just making spontaneous decisions. It is with this kind of mindset that small tattoos for men find themselves popular among many.

In addition, small tattoos for men hold a lot of meaning and a sense of identity or recognition to the one who has them. For instance, it may be to signify a certain life-changing experience, which one went through at a certain stage of their lives, or it can be a symbol that reminds one of the most important events or things that are part of their lives and have changed them either for the better or for the worse. Therefore, tattoos serve as symbols of a reminder of who the person is in the course of their lives.

Small Tattoo Meanings

For example, a small tattoo of a cross on the wrist says a lot about the religious background of the one who has it. It signifies protection from the high power one believes in, and at the same time it can give a sense of an elegant rebellious spirit. On the other hand, a semicolon tattoo on the wrist or the hand can be used to mean that despite the negative pauses one usually experiences in their lives, life still moves on.

Other small tattoos for men with a deeper meaning include two arrow-like symbols on the hand, which make up one Viking symbol and represents the creation of one’s own reality, the zen circle which represents enlightenment, universe and strength that resides inside us, and the full phase of a changing moon from crescent to crescent which signifies the continuity of life as we know it along with its inconsistency, as well as karma.


There are other numerous tattoos that give a lot of meaning to men, but these are perfect examples. Remember a tattoo is something meant to be permanent, so make sure you choose something that has significance, meaning and identifies perfectly to your situation. That’s the best thing about them.

Artistic Examples of Small Tattoos for Men


Tattoo on the outer side of the upper arm about four inches long depicting army-like stripes approximately a quarter inch thick, with the first stripe two inch from the crook of the arm. Four stripes of light black ink tone point upwards towards the upper arm and transform into two dark-toned images of a bird in motion.


Tattoo design covering the entire circumference of the wrist. Shows an ocean wave on the backside of the wrist of the right hand in grey and accented in black ink and with the front side depicting a small island with a single coconut tree on it.


Tattoo style on the innermost part of the forearm of the left hand indicating an intricate image of Da Vinci’s framed hand of God and Adam, about two inches thick. This is a perfect way to represent spiritual path


Small tattoos for guys on the lower side of the chest, one inch from mamma and on the left side a drawing that shows a simple representation of an elephant. This is a great tattoo that symbolizes dignity, strength and pride.


Small tattoo ideas can be applied to the left inner arm and turn cycling into a body art! This one is an adorable and lovely black bicycle design pointing to the left; just about two inches thick and great for travel lovers.


Small tattoo for men, a classic flying bald eagle one inch from clavicle, drawn entirely using black ink with simple white horizontal lines at the wings apart from the head which is left to show a lighter contrast.


Black ink ocean wave, bordered in a circle frame on the right hand approximately one inch from the elbow crook drawn in lines of uniform intensity. This can indicate the turbulence of a rough ocean, emotions fantasy, and a primal state.


A multicolored tattoo on the forearm showing a sleeping female astronaut’s head in her helmet with a ringed planet embossed at the top of it. A red bolt like shadow visible through the helmet’s visor runs across the astronaut’s face and contrasts perfectly with her feminine features. This is a pleasant way to show love for the universe and galactic exploration.


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