Tattoos are a form of modification to the upper layer of our skin (dermis) where a design is made by the insertion of pigments, ink, and dyes. They can either be temporary or indelible. They are classified into three groups: – symbolic, purely decorative and pictorial.


Meanings and Representation of Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman Numeral tattoos for men fall under the symbolic group. They normally form a band of characters that is long on your body. These characters are numbers which have been written in Roman. For instance, 5 is written as V in Roman and 1000 as M and so on.

Mostly, they represent dates that pose significance to the individual. Examples of these dates are your wedding anniversary, your birth date or a lucky number. In the case of these tattoos, it is common that men want to put them on their back, collar bone or wrist.

Why Roman Numeral Tattoos for Men are Popular

Sported by Celebrities

Celebrities have more influence on us. When many of the celebrities endorse them, men are likely to imitate them but use their distinctive Roman numerals.

Example, Justin Bieber has a huge numeral tattoo above his chest that indicates the year that his mum was born, I IX VII V (1975). Also, David Beckham has one on the underside of his arm, VII (number 7), that is, the number he played for Manchester United football club.

Various Font Styles and Sizes to Choose From

These types of tattoos have no limitation to the designs because of their numerous styles. In addition to this, you can select from an extensive range of fonts and color which would look best on your skin. Although they are simple to print, they come in various sizes and font styles. This makes them popular.

Unique and Stands Out

It is hard to decide on a design of a tattoo you would like, right? Well, with these tattoos, it is pretty easy to get a print of the tattoo you would like. You will stand out because there are many Roman numerals and you will rarely meet someone with a match similar to yours.

For instance, Justin Bieber could have had a tattoo of his birthday, his girlfriend’s or the number of his favorite number. But his uniqueness came in where he chose his mother’s birthday date.

Creates an Aura of Mystery on Some Occasions

“The less you reveal, the more people wonder”. Few people know how to read the Roman Numerals. This is because they have specific principles that you need to know to be able to interpret them correctly. Lack of this knowledge renders the Roman Numeral tattoos for men mysterious.

Also, for those who can decipher they will still be unaware of the literal meaning for the tattoo unlike with the common pictorial tattoos. This mysterious nature they have makes them popular.

Complements Other Types of Tattoos

These tattoos are versatile in that they can go hand in hand with symbols such as dragons, animals as well as patterns and whirling designs. Their simplicity and combination with these designs make them popular.

Superb Examples of Roman Numeral Tattoos for Men


This tattoo is a traditional lions head with Roman numeral tattoos in the background. It has several different clock gears spinning around it as well. You can tell that the tattoo is done with traditional tattooing and realistic tattooing because of the clear mix of two different styles.


This tattoo takes after the style of the lion and the clock. However it instead leaves out the lion. This is a very traditional looking clock tattoo with Roman numerals on the pocket watch and then gears and more numerals behind it.


The next tattoo featured is a great tattoo idea for guys. The design has a rose in the foreground with Roman numerals circling all the way around it. The clock hands are coming out of the middle of the rose.


This tattoo is of a realistic pocket watch that is breaking at one point. The concept of this is captured extremely well. The Roman numerals that are used here are fading in and out behind the pocket watch which helps to signify the absence of time.


This incredible tattoo takes up this man’s entire arm. It is the perfect Roman numeral tattoos idea. It features a clock with the gears coming in behind it and the clock is lined with the Roman numerals. Around the clock there are designs that also feature the Roman numerals, but larger and cut off in places.


Featured here is a skull with gears for eyes and clock hands coming out of its forehead. It is done in a traditional style with Roman numerals popping out behind it. The skull is also broken at the top and there are gears inside it and around the bottom is swirling smoke.


This particular example of Roman numeral tattoo ideas, was executed perfectly. You have in the middle a pyramid. Light is coming out of the top and bottom and then you have the clock surrounding it. The clock is encircling the pyramid and then some Roman numerals are featured at the bottom.


Here we have one of the great Roman numeral tattoo ideas for men. It has the clock, featuring the Roman numerals, surrounded by these swirls make the clock pop up off the client’s arm. A bit of color is added around the edges, which adds even more pop.


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