It is important to understand why face tattoos for men are a good choice and what their dangers could be before getting one. You can like tattoos or dislike them altogether, but one thing you cannot do is ignore them. A common misconception among people is that tattoos, more importantly facial ones are a modern practice. What they do not realize is that tattoos are an age-old practice. What can be debated is the material used for tattooing or the extent to which body art could go. Today, face tattoos are more than just a fad. They are still considered extreme style, but are more acceptable compared to before.

Face tattoo ideas

Pros of face tattoos for guys

Face tattoos have various benefits include:

· They help to conceal embarrassing marks and scars.

You may not realize this, but facial tattoos can be very effective in concealing any undesirable marks you do not want others to see. These include scars, birthmarks or any marks that fall in the unpleasant category.

· Face tattoos can be used to express one-self.

No one other than you should have a say over any aspect of your life whether it is your body, how you lead your life the kind of decisions and certainly, not how you express yourself. Well, that is as long as it does not cause anyone any harm. Tattoos do not always have to be artistic. They can be used to effectively to express your personality. Something as simple as a bible verse, a quote by a person you admire or a symbol that represents that you believe is enough to communicate your personal desires. It could represent your personal style, your beliefs, a show of integrity etc.

Less painful then before

Remember a few decades ago when tattoos were a nightmare because of the pain. Well, the good news is that face tattoos are no longer as painful as they used to be before. They also heal faster now. This is thanks to advancements in technology that make the inking process less painful, with reduced risk of infection.

Other benefits of face tattoos are:

·They add to the general body beauty when done by a good tattoo artist.

·They offer a cheaper alternative to original art.

Dangers Associated With Face Tattoos

These include:

· Some workplaces have a strict no tattoo policy.

Despite the increased acceptability of tattoos, there is still a degree of stigma associated with them. Not everyone thinks tattoos are a good thing. This even extends to some employers who require their employees to have no visible tattoos.

· Infections.

Getting a tattoo is an entirely safe process. Nevertheless, since there’s law that requires artists to adhere to high standard inking, there’s always the risk of getting inked by an artist who is not keen on the best practices thus the risk of infection.

· Increased risk for those with medical conditions.

One man’s meat is indeed another man’s poison. While it is perfectly okay to get a face tattoo, not everyone is meant to get one. People with sensitive skin, high blood sugar , skin conditions, high blood pressure or any serious medical condition should avoid tattoos at all cost.

· They may not last forever. Moreover, even if they do, they will not always look the same.

· You may not get the results you desired in the first place.

· In case you ever want to remove them, they may leave a scar behind.

Check out some great face tattoos for men


Face tattoos don’t always have to be radical. So if you’re a free bird and would like to embody that, this small silhouette of a flying bird might just be perfect. Done entirely in black ink, it is quirky but not too overwhelming, giving it a classy look!


This delicate cross underneath the eye depicts one’s devotion to the Almighty. Done in black ink, it represents the faith as well as the constant presence of spirituality in one’s life. So if you’re looking to capture your religious side in a tattoo, this is the way to do it!


If you’re someone with an offbeat soul and would like to capture that in your face tattoo, then this is a wonderful design for you. The bright shades of orange along with the unique design gives you an edge. Moreover, the shading within isn’t solid either, making it look like something you might’ve picked up from a remote tribe!


This black ink design is one of the coolest tattoo ideas for men who love their ink. Covering the entire face, the intricate designs are sure to make anyone do a double take. Moreover, the carefully defined lines and delicate shading within each is sure to transform your face into a masterpiece.


For those men who love the extreme, this it an awesome tattoo design to go for. Inked in black and white, half of the face is transformed into the skull. The intricate shading and bold lines give it a more realistic appearance, creating a morbid masterpiece.


This unique face tattoo doesn’t give maximum coverage, but it does encompass the entire face. Here, the black ink creates a sharp contrast with the skin. Moreover, the bold lines also highlight your facial features, while the shape and design itself are reminiscent of many tribal designs.


Face tattoos are becoming exceedingly popular as a form of personal expression. Here, you can see an intricate design expanding from the neck to the side of the face and forehead. Done predominantly in black, it forms a clear contrast with the unmarked skin. Moreover, the detailed shading gives the elaborate design some added character.


This is one awesome face tattoo for men. Done in black ink, it creates a wonderful contrast against the skin. Moreover, the unique design and detailed texture allows you to stand out in the midst of a crowd, ensuring that you will never go unnoticed!


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