This is a small and very simple irradiating yin yang design for men. The all black ink contrasts with the skin’s pigmentation while the tattoo symbolically signals the four cardinal points of the body. This is one of the smallest tatttoos.


Fancy and unique monochromatic design where the taijitu symbol is joined by swirling lines that symbolize adjacent forces and the outreaching nature of yin yang. This stylish tattoo features an asymmetrical and forward looking layout. One of the most futuristic designs.


The taijitu symbol is the center of an extremely complex array of circular patterns. This is a richly decorated tattoo with a highly elaborate layout that includes many triangular shapes juxtaposing each other in a fractal like manner. Complex symbolism.


Here, the taijitu symbol is the seed of natural growth. Growth stimulated by the masterfully implemented sun rays. This is a large and uniquely wonderful tattoo to have in the upper arm. Arguably, one of the best depictions of yin yang.


Another tattoo with fractal motifs to enrich it with visual complexity and appeal. In this tattoo, all the depiction is conveyed through fine lines and points. The geometric complexity reminds of a flower featuring the taijitu symbol at its eye.


A crow and a pigment-colored swallow dance around each other. This is a simple concept that takes a good amount of skill to realize. The symbolism is apparent in all its glory once successfully realized. A balance between intelligence and versatility.


Another four element interpretation of yin yang. This time in a slightly smaller size that fits the wrist area. This is a very good tattoo because its size makes it easier to do and still maintain the somewhat intricate symbolism.


Two Asian arowanas bite each other’s tail in a vividly colored tattoo. Asian arowanas are symbols of prosperity and good luck in Asian cultures. Here, they lend their significance to the yin yang dichotomy. This tattoo is a statement of optimism.


Tiger and dragon are two iconic symbols of power in Chinese culture. Here’s they test forces in a stupendous yin yang battle. This large tattoo is full of color and power, making it a great expression of masculinity or fierce independence.


A beautiful and perfectly symmetrical flower with the yin yang eye. It’s large sized and also takes advantage of the black ink’s contrast with the skin’s natural pigment. A simple design that also requires great deal of skill and patience to craft.

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