Two fishes swirl around each other and give birth to an intricate taijitu symbol. This sophisticated yin yang depiction does requires great skill and patience to implement, but it’s a very striking, unique and fine looking yin yang tattoo for men.


The taijitu seems to rotate at the center of a large and imposing star motif. The tridimensional quality of the tattoo gives it great power and appeal. It’s a simple design for yin yang tattoos. Black contrasts with the skin’s pigment for added effect.


The tiger’s ferocity defies the whale’s full weight to create the yin yang balance. Solid black characters feature red eyes in this unique tattoo design for men. The clash of forces in this tattoo is a fine synthesis of yin yang principles.


Here, the taijitu symbol results from a symbolic drop of black ink onto the skin with incidental light reflections all over its surface. This black and white design is one of the most irreverent and smartest yin yang tattoo ideas to have.


In this richly colored depiction, the four elements–air, water, fire and earth–combat each other ferociously in a never ending yin yang cycle. The formidable synthesis of yin yang’s symbolic principle makes this a great yin yang tattoos idea to realize.


A great design for the neck and its surroundings with its elongated black lines that symbolize the pathways of the veins under the skin. The taijitu symbol appears to control all the individual’s arterial inner workings in this all black design.


One of the most offbeat and romantic looking tattoo ideas for men. This richly colored and asymmetrical design is a unique synthesis of yin yang philosophy. The flower’s center, or eye, incarnates the taijitu symbol while featuring a tridimensional look.


An intricately decorated taijitu tattoo with musical undertones. It features a round guitar giving life to the yang force while a violin plays the yin force in an all black and two dimensional depiction. The acoustic balanced is sealed inside a ring.


This is one of the most futuristic looking tattoo ideas for yin yang. Each side is represented by fire and ice, respectively. These oppose forces in an amazing drawing loaded with a wide array of vivid colors–orange, yellow, red and blue.


A Cherokee motif is used here to illustrate the yin yang principle. A distinguishable head covered by a crown of feathers on one side faces what appear to be bones and Cherokee adornments on the other side. A very detailed tattoo.

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