Every mistake should be a lesson learned and it shapes our personalities. This tattoo doesn’t necessarily refer to the mistakes that one is willing to make, but to the lessons that he will learn better next time.

There are very many decisions in one’s life. But there seems to be only a major one. This quote emphasizes it perfectly. For many individuals this is downright eye-opening and can make or break the happiness they feel in their souls.

It is wrong to chase perfection and it is fair to admit that you will never achieve it, no matter how hard you try. This tattoo can represent a healing stage for people who pushed themselves too hard to become perfect.

This is for the fearless, for the one who never accepts defeat and is always ready to embark in a new dangerous adventure. It also talks about having complete control over your mind so that nothing is able to scare you anymore.

This is one of the tattoo ideas for men that is meant to be empowering yet realistic. The design also features a dove, which signifies freedom. It is for men who want to be reminded to stay strong no matter what.

Irrespective of what life might bring your way, this well-built dog with boxing gloves will be there as a constant reminder to be tough as everything will pass in the end. It refers to inner strength which can conquer everything.

It’s a tattoo that is clearly making a statement about the owner. It is placed in a discreet place where only a few close individuals will have the chance to see it, so it has a great emotional value.

The adventurous souls who push the boundaries will love this tattoo. It is for the ones who want to feel the adrenaline pumping in their veins and who are not afraid to risk or to go overboard to feel it.

This short quote is framed by shadowing effects that resemble a sea. For the owner this might very well mean the sea of life, which should be approached one step at a time. It is more complex than most tattoo quotes.

This is one of the great quote tattoo ideas for creative people and for daydreamers. Its simplicity only emphasizes the purpose of the tattoo, which is to reflect the deep meaning of the message and its importance to the owner.

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