In the above image, Superman is detailed in color with sharp and fine lines. He appears to be flying. The tattoo artist gives him a smug grin and strong shoulders and chest. Light and dark shades of blue are used for shading and dimension.


The tattoo displayed is cool and simple. The art is placed on side of the neck, in bright crimson and depicts a small version of the Superman logo. Its crisp design cleanly depicts the iconic and great design that any fan would be proud of.


This image shows a very creative take on a classic portraiture tattoo. Superman is shown in only outline and color but both are done in sketch style. The face is not included in the art, leaving only simple outline and some cross-hatched detail on the jaw and neck.


In full color and impressive detail, this Superman tattoo portrays the hero staring straight ahead while bullet-like shatters are carved from the image. The tattoo depicts the superhero in a comic book style portraiture, staring deeply at its viewer.


This tattoo looks like it jumped right from the pages of a graphic novel, Superman flies high with tightened fists and stares ahead. His classic red cape billows beautifully behind him while he sports the iconic costume, etched muscles and all.


This image shows a very creative and unique take on the popular Superman symbol. The insignia is designed to mimic dripping and looks as if it is sliding off of the skin. The detailing gives it a shiny red effect as well.


In this tattoo, a determined-looking Superman flies from bright cluster of crystals. Behind him, red laser beams blaze but he looks up, taking off into the sky. The image is highlighted strategically with whites, making it appear to shine.


The above image depicts a tattoo that wraps around the entire upper arm. The art shows a classic crimson red Superman logo above an elaborately detailed set of wires and bolted metal beams. The entire thing is shadowed in purple and blue.


Tattoo ideas for men like this are pretty rare: depicted above is a tattoo of a cartoon-like version of Superman. It looks relatively small but is featured in full color detail. The image is highlighted and shaded with whites and various shades of blue and grey. Superman appears to be flying in the image as well.


This Superman tattoo is a clear homage to the classic costume. The image depicts a man’s chest, covered by the iconic Superman motif in gold and red. Strategic, professional shading and detailing make the image look three-dimensional as well.

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