A darker approach is always a great idea when it comes to Superman tattoos for men, as it is less common. While not using only black and white, the dark red in the logo, as well as the combination of light and shadow, give the tattoo a more mysterious touch.


A go to chest piece can be a small superhero logo, such as Superman. The gray filling of the design and lack of background makes it look like it was attached to the skin, rather than painted on it. At the same time, the clean contours offer it a flowing effect.


A black and white, contour-only tattoo seems to be fashionable anytime, regardless of the current trends. In addition, this small and minimalistic bi-dimensional design of the Superman emblem is powerful, but at the same time delicate and classy.


The black and white Superman logo can also be tattooed on the shoulder, as a reminder of strength and determination. This one has a black background and outside contour, while the ā€œSā€ is not filled in, creating an interesting contrast.


One of the Superman tattoos for guys that is the perfect combination of two beloved worlds: LEGO and DC Comics. This LEGO Superman seems as powerful and determined as the superhuman one, thanks to his muscles, while also wearing a similar outfit. The building behind him, which is not made of LEGO, suggests the same mixture of two different worlds.


This Superman tattoo design depicts the iconic symbol beneath the skin. The artist skillfully creates a large and creative design that makes it look like the colorful insignia is under the flesh as opposed to just plainly tattooed to the upper arm.


The above image displays a wonderful red and yellow depiction of the Superman logo. This Superman tattoos idea incorporates the wearer’s skin as if the image is being torn from the flesh. The lines are crisp and include fine red line detailing.


This image depicts a cute and very detailed image of a little minion character dressed up as Superman. He is standing tall and proud while sporting a solemn, distant expression and his little red cape blows in the wind behind him.


Portraiture Superman tattoo ideas are always a great and classic choice. This image depicts a detailed and brilliantly realistic portrait of Superman. His gleaming blue eyes are cast off into the distance and his face sports a serious but heroic glare.


This is a cool tattoos idea for men who are true comic book fans. Superman is shown glaring outward through his deadly laser vision. His body muscular and in full costume as flames and explosion happen behind him. This tattoo is done in full color as well.

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