What else could be more beautiful than seeing the rising sun’s rays shining down on earth. This picture is turned into an even more breathtaking sight as they shine upon a royal crown. The elegant jewelry rests upon thick white clouds with the entire tattoo acquiring a half sleeve coverage.

What could be the simplest of sun tattoos for men may just be the most striking and remarkable of all. This tribal tattoo is placed on the wrist in the most careful manner to achieve utter perfection with a perfect circle as the core, and symmetrical rays going endlessly around it.

There’s nothing more admirable that a samurai’s strength and valor and ornate armor, aside from this beautiful masterpiece of a sun sleeve tattoo. The sun comes in vibrant yellow and orange tones and give off similar radiance, set perfectly to highlight a weaponed samurai who’s out in the field ready for battle.

A picture that’s very pleasing to the eye with the sun’s unique and highly fascinating appearance. The solid black colors and lighter shades are made to blend perfectly well, while a horse standing on its feet is seen at the left side and clouds define the borders of one of the best sun tattoos idea for the arm sleeve.

At the center of the back rests a symbol that traces back to ancient times with writings and images, and undecipherable emblems forming the inner core of the sun. Triangles come in loose patterns to form the outer circle and rays of the big sun that appears light, but can possibly hold a darker and deeper meaning.

One of the cutest sun tattoos to place on the wrist that give off a lighter appearance with the smiling face illustrated at the center. The rays are long and comes in alternating straight and wavy forms filled with little defining lines, while the outlines are a bit bolder and more prominent.

A sun like no other, which can only be seen in the Filipino flag itself and in this wrist tattoo. The sun’s center is hollow, while its bordering frame is solid black and appears thick. The surrounding figures are thicker and come in beautiful patterns, counting to a total of eight symbolic rays of the sun.

What could be a better picture of the sun but the sunrise or sunset itself? Fine lines depict this image, delicately drawn in thin and sleek outlines, until the image of the sun and its shining rays are formed. The glowing image reflects on the horizon over the waters and rocks of the seas.

Unmatched artistry is embedded in this tattoo ideas for men revolving around the sun that is inked on the sleeve. Distinctive patterns, designs, dots, letters, lines, and objects altogether form in seemingly abstract form. They surround the beauty of the sun found at the center that’s ablaze with graceful luminous rays.

The Philippine Sun gives off burning passion and smoldering beauty as a sleeve tattoo. At the core is a textured circle with a dark border, while its eight significant rays likewise have darker tips. Three symbolic stars are found at the top, bottom left and right of the unique design.

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