Craters on the surface of the moon are sketched in fine details composed of black lines and scattered dots and tiny irregular pieces. The circumference is enhanced with a thick shadow and darkness of the galaxy, creating a remarkable illustration that ranks among the best moon tattoos idea to have inked on your body.

Drawn on the wrist is a crescent moon with long tips and shadows on each end, contoured with a nose and mouth that belongs to its depicted face. Carved on the surface is a flower form right around where a cheek should be. A growth of plants without leaves are abundant within the round frame of this tattoo.

A beautiful glowing moon comes in a seemingly rough textured surface filled with great depths as its face is carved within the crescent form. Three stars shine at the top, bottom, and sides while a young lad in classy outfit hangs upside down from the top and lands near the tip of the moon’s nose.

Right above the inner elbow is a small and very simple, but is quite an extraordinary moon tattoo. It exhibits an astrological nature with a few twinkling stars found nearby, clouds floating right below it, and a body of water directly below the moon that is filled with various images and details.

This moon tattooed on the inner arm near the elbow is as real as it can get. The darkness and light is blended within the perfect circular shape of a full moon. It produces the right amount of colors and an image reminiscent of what you would see on the night sky.

Resting on the chest near the right shoulder blade is a full moon that appears to be bursting in vivid and vibrant colors. It is small but manages to leave a big impression with its enchanting black, orange, red and yellow shades and amusing watercolor style that gives off a remarkable effect.

This intricately detailed design presents one of the most awesome moon tattoos for men. It appears silvery and beautiful where there are a number of evident craters along with different marks found on the moon. The artistry lies inside a perfectly rounded form of the moon inked near the elbow.

Meaningful words and quotes, watercolor effects, and fantastic colors create what may be the most dazzling moon tattoos you’ll ever see. The crescent shape of the moon is splashed in different colors that are blended into the image in line with the beautiful message the entire image conveys to every beholder.

Stunning and breathtaking is what this sight of an arm tattoo is. A lady sits underneath the moonlight, where the moon’s reflection glows in the water beneath it. Trees line the shores and right above are twinkling stars illuminating the night sky together with the moon despite clouds the drift by.

Make a wish right from this mesmerizing tattoo ideas for men which shows a shooting star blazing through the darkness of the galaxies far, far away. Stars twinkle and whine brightly to complement the huge full moon that comes in the elegance and pureness of white that is set upon the cool blue sky.

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