Discs and joints of bones start small from the base of the neck and bottom of the back, eventually getting bigger and bigger until they meet at the center. A howling wolf is seen within, surrounded as well in bones that have been curved to form a circular frame.

Running from the back of the head, covering the nape and the back’s cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine is a realistic tattoo. The connection of vertebraes and discs are explicitly shown by each bone set perfectly on top of the other.

A sleek and delicate spine runs across the center of the back, where it is connected with veins and thick vessels on top. Two lifelike hands gently hold this strong yet fragile bone structure at the top and bottom parts.

Solid black ink denote the structure of this brilliant image of spine tattoos for guys. Each vertebrae and bone joint is filled with darkness while it is broken with light discs connecting them together. The bold and striking blackness runs from the nape to the lumbar body area.

A fascinating spine tattoo design made to match with a barcode right on top. The spine itself that traces the middle of the back is very interesting as it represents a mix of the human spine and a turtle spine that’s been blended into one bone structure.

This back spine design can be deemed a true masterpiece with the skin opened up, for you to discover the numerous bones that lie within. Each bony structure is set on top of the other while a black creature remains nestled right at the bottom.

A spine tattoo for men that holds great symbolism with a couple of words written in bold capital letters. The lettering style is inked in black and symmetrical manner, in upright position that goes down the center of the bare back.

This impressive tattoo is seen down Seth Rollin’s spine. It begins at the base of the neck and rests beautifully at the center of the back, which is meant to read out something that holds a deeper meaning as a samurai code.

The chemical element titanium is inked at the top right shoulder, while gears of varied sizes and shapes arch the back at the left side. They are gracefully set on top of each other in a beautifully balanced way.

The outline of a giraffe creates a one-of-a-kind spine tattoo ideas. The animal with a beautiful patterned orange and white body sits along the base of the back, while its long neck rises up to the spine and its head faces front at the base of the neck.

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