Everything is in grey and black, yet it manages to make a stunning impression with the strange nature of the backbone and the many spikes, sleek and thin long bones, as well as the numerous dark and light scales that surround it.

Starting off from the base of the head down to the nape towards the middle of the back is this awesome spine tattoos idea. The skin appears ruptured and reveals the skeletal structure, where a small human figure climbs its way up the spine.

This spine tattoo features full coverage of the whole spinal column from the nape towards the center of the hips. The vertebrae, discs and joints are illustrated in great details as the length covers the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine of the back.

A single continuous line goes beyond a tattoo and black ink. This thin and sleek outline produces a simple yet astounding effect as it starts off from the back of the head and the line goes all the way down tracing the back’s spine.

Significant symbols go hand in hand as each one is scribbled along the center of the back. Bold, solid black ink curves gracefully to form each writing placed right where the spine rests at the middle of the shoulder blades down to the back of the abdomen.

This tribal tattoo column covers the top of the back from shoulder to shoulder, appearing like an inverted triangle that intersects a blade-like figure at the center. The artistic pattern and design elegantly traverses the length of the back’s spine.

The Greek symbol Caduceus endows its prowess and remarkable beauty on the shoulders from tip to tip. The winged staff is laden on the spine as the slender bodies of the snakes flow towards the peak where the wings are widespread with stunning radiance.

An attractive and meaningful huge graphic symbol is sprawled in the middle of the shoulder blades right below the nape. Underneath are vertebraes and disc over disc of the spine extending at the sides with pointed bones which create a striking tattoo ideas for men.

The form of the spine is followed through in this back tattoo where each joint depicts a bone that’s bearing a different face. The bony structure extends with sharp edges while it goes all the way up to what appears to be its head and a meaningful unique symbol.

Chinese characters are written across the structure of the spine from the base of the neck all the way to the bottom on the back. Each writing is inked in vibrant red color which almost appears embossed thus rendering a creative spine tattoos.

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