Quotes, poems and any phrases that have a special meaning are simply perfect for the spine. This is a great example as it looks as if the artist just carefully wrote the words with pen and ink.

Few tattoos of this kind could express freedom better. It is artistic and it approaches the flying and freedom themes in an liberating way that doesn’t fail to impress, despite the fact that it might indicate darkness and decadence as well.

The vertebral column is tattooed here as if it was part of a Sci-Fi movie. It is very wide, sharp and the ends resemble daggers. It is an inspired option for both powerful men and women, who have a different perspective on life.

The tattoo starts with dark lumber vertebrae and continues with a very wide spine column until the neck. It also contains big ribs on one side and an additional large design that differentiates it from the other one.

There is no doubt about the fact that this tattoo is much more than a great design. It covers the whole spine beautifully and it includes a touch of glamorous mystery due to the mysterious design at the top.

Running down the spine are significant words scribbled in fluid script writing tracing the base of the nape flowing down the middle of the shoulder blades. Midway at the spine, it transforms into bold and solid, significant roman numeral writing.

Finely illustrated headphones sit at the top of the spine with its headband and earpads in clear detail. The cable extends from one ear housing and the wires stimulate a lifeline and form the beautiful words ‘Music is Life’ towards the plug.

The parting of the skin reveals what’s beneath the back to unleash one of the most realistic tattoos ideas. Thick bones are connected with sharp claws on top of each other amidst a bloody red surrounding, while thin spikes spread at the sides like prickly needles.

A biomechanical spine tattoo that goes beyond typical tech, mech, and robotic elements as it merges with the human skin. Lining the center of the back are eye-shaped water-filled openings of the skin with side stitches, each giving a peek of the spine underneath.

The upper back is covered in 3D rib cage tattoo where each bone is connected to the spinal column. The complex anatomy of the bones are intricately inked for a realistic effect, while fading colors, shadows, and dotted textures enhance the entire skeletal image.

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