Though such spine tattoos for guys seem to be created for rock stars, any strong man can take pride in wearing them. They work both for newbies in the art of tattoos and for experienced men who just add another to their collection.

Lunar phases are the main attraction of this tattoo. They are showcased in a plain and raw way, which makes the tattoo suitable for a man with various stages in life. It can represent different chapters of life and challenges.

Mystery is here to stay with this tattoo that can convey a special significance for the owner. It can mean whatever you want it to be and it can be a good choice for the spine regardless of your lifestyle.

For a regular viewer, this tattoo might just look cool. But it can bear a lot of meaning and it is pleasant to the eye, despite its apparent simplicity. Whether you get it to match other similar ones or as a stand-alone one, it will look nice.

The combination between the spine bones and the sharp spear couldn’t be better put in simple black. The top of the spear goes very close to the back of the head, giving it additional edginess and charm. You won’t regret this choice.

The blue small circles give the spine a sleek look. They don’t overcrowd the back and the owner can choose to add more tattoos later on as there is plenty of room for more. Meanwhile this one frames his spine nicely.

If you want one of the minimalist spine tattoos, this one might be for you. It is as simple as it could get and you can either leave it as such or choose to add further effects afterwards.

Spine tattoos for men are usually pretty narrow, but this is an exception to the rule. It is a daring black one that reminds us of ancient Egyptian drawings. It is like a picture of valuable artifacts from times when the world was very different.

This is definitely one of the largest spine tattoo designs for men. It explicit and it allowed the tattoo artist to create a full back design. Though it is very realistic, it keeps things simple and it is an eye-grabber without shocking.

The spine column seems to be a graphic work of art, while resembling a bit the DNA chain. The enhanced dimension and the slightly irregular bones turn it into an interesting tattoo that can be adapted according to your preferences.

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