It is one of the best skull tattoo ideas. It is a massive tattoo that is drawn from the neck down to the waist. The tattoo features a big skull two small ones on its side. Its forehead features an Italian clock.


The 3D tattoo is drawn halfway from the forearm down to the back of the palm. It is mostly black, but the eyes and nose hole are cored green. It features black shadings all along, and the skull occupies the entire palm back.


It is an incredible skull tattoos idea that occupies the entire man’s back including the upper arms. The back is covered by a big skull while the neck has a bow tie, a male face on the left arm and other signs on the right arm.


It is one of the most beautiful skull tattoos for guys. The 3D tattoo features a scary skull that is surrounded by red roses and different types of leafs. The “grinning” skull is drawn on the upper arm near the shoulder.


The colored tattoo is drawn from the shoulder towards the chest of a man. The skull is drawn on the upper hand near the shoulder. The extension towards the chest features something resembling a snake that penetrates the skull through one eye.


It is a wonderful skull tattoo for men that occupy the entire area from the neck down to the elbow. The black 3D tattoo features a scary skull that is enhanced with leafs, feathers and wings on the neck and elbow.


The 3D tattoo ideas for men are just amazing. That is confirmed by this one drawn on the upper arm. It features a decomposing skull that has a beautiful cross fitted in it. The cross ends protrude from the mouth, eyes and forehead.


It is one of the most ingenious tattoos ideas for men. It is drawn on the left side of the chest. It features a male lion head swallowing a human skull. The skull’s mouth has teeth and is wide open as if it is screaming.


The 3D tattoo runs from the forearm to the fingers. It has two skulls, one on the forearm and the other on the back of the hand. There are black signs written on the fingers and numbers written on the knuckles.


The wonderful 3D tattoo is drawn on the entire upper arm. It features a skull with its upper and lower set of teeth firmly joined. It is surrounded by a stick-wielding hand and some leafs. The eyes and the grinning impression are quite scary.

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